. make merry with friends during CNY .


It’s been way TOO long since I met up with the girls. Anyway, the gathering was finalized, much thanks to both Juliet and Olivia for organizing this CNY BBQ. The title ‘Poker Night’ is kinda misleading as we didn’t exactly spent the entire time playing cards. Truth to be told, Im a total bimbo when it comes to any gambling games such as blackjack, poker, Texas Hold ’em and even Mahjong. Probably a rare specimen as almost all of my friends know how to play either one of those. In any case, this bbq session not only introduced me to more games, but also new friends! Ain’t it always fun to hang out with Theatre students?? Superbly hilarious! Can’t wait to meet them again for Jul’s bdae party tmr night!

It might be a challenge to find time to meet now that we’re all working but I’m delighted that most of us are making the effort to stay in touch. 🙂  Wanna give a huge shout out to JZ & family for sponsoring our CNY steamboat feast and also for making us felt extremely welcomed by being such fantastic hosts! For that night, we let our hair down, returned to our childhood days and did all the silly stuff – blowing up old-fashioned glue balloons, swinging on the swings at the playground and being mesmerized by the wonders of sparklers.


Reunion of the ex-colleagues

What’s a birthday dinner without good food? With that thought in mind, the 3 of us headed to the quaint indie cafe, Food For Thought, for some simple homemade goodness to fill our hungry tummies! As a social enterprise, part of the profits from Food for Thought will be donated to the various causes – Education, International Development, Clean Water, Environment and People. Truly inspiring to find a bunch of people who are dedicated in giving back to the community through their business. The ideal combination of passion and giving. This might makes us sound really piggy, but please try their slow-roasted pulled pork sandwich and pork pizza… absolutely mouth-watering. Glad that you absolutely adore your baby pink wedges! Haha, don’t I just know you so well? :p

A date at Ootoya

Looking through my foodie reviews, it just hit upon me that I will never be a good food critic. Mainly because I can’t seem to be able to differentiate a scrumptious meal vs a mediocre meal … as long as the food is tasty and delicious, it passes my standard. There goes my career option as a food reviewer… well, not that I wanted to be one to begin with.

Wanna pig out but yet remain on a diet? Think no further and choose Ootoya for your next hangout place for dinner! The informative menu actually provides a detailed calorie count for all its dishes, even for side dishes like spinach and kim chi! I, for one, wanted to feel healthy and opted for the super healthy dish of chicken porridge in broth(300+ calories). Nonetheless, I caved into my sweet-tooth cravings as I ended the meal by indulging in the absolutely sinful but oh-so-yummy green tea ice cream, red bean parfait! Back to square one. Thanks to the reader who gave this recommendation, Ootoya has become one of the restaurants that I’ll certainly introduce to my friends!


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2 responses to “. make merry with friends during CNY .

  1. hey girl! hahahah will reply to your comments here! anyway ya, the functions are more awesome than the previous sony cam i had. intelligent scene really works, it has great night shots, lesser noise, a more sensitive touch screen and faster reaction time! =D maybe just cos’ it’s new? HAHAH i don’t know.
    anyway the price is about $500+ zzzz. ya ok end of topic HAHAHAH.

    ehhh, ikoi buffet ah..around there i think..for weekday dinner buffet. lunch is cheaper though. u can call to check for exact pricing (: 68873788.

    • hey girl 🙂

      Thanks for your reply. Seems like it’s quite an excellent camera. Yea, I love digi cams that are able to capture vivid colours… make the pics look even more colourful and vibrant! awesome. $500+ aint too ex, but okay wldnt talk about it.

      Alright! Cant wait to dig in another spread of sashimi buffet. I miss the free flow of sashimi already. Haha.

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