. heal the world .


4 responses to “. heal the world .

  1. memories hor? this song =)

    • yes! i happened to watch the mtv for “We are the world” ( the Haiti version) and it suddenly reminded me of our trip and this song. Will u be going for any of the trips this year? Im aiming for either the Sept or Dec trip! 🙂

  2. wahhh u remembered me! AwESommme! yeah, i’ll be going for december one! after my exams…lucky you! no more examsss!!! =))

    • of course i rmr! do you think im suffering from short memory span or sth? :p haha.

      likewise, I think there’s a higher chance of me going for the one in Dec too. Exams? Gosh, work’s not exactly something that most people enjoy. Good note is that it pays! In fact, ask most people and I have an inkling that they will prob tell you that they prefer school!

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