. counting … .



5 responses to “. counting … .

  1. Happy monthsary! I’ve always been meaning to tell you (yet i’m always too distracted to get down to telling you) that my bf&i’s got the same monthsary date as you.. so we share your joy too!

    • hey girl 🙂

      Thanks. Same to you too! 🙂 Are the both of you in the second year of your relationship too? I’ve another gf whose anniversary is on the 1st Jan too, and at midnight as well. Haha.

      Have you received your rings already? 🙂

  2. oh nonono… we’re not on 1st of Jan, but 1st of Nov! hehe. so we’re 1 year er… 4 months. heh. it’d be cool to have exact same date same month!!!!

  3. hehe.. nope we dun celebrate anymore too. decided that celebrating by years will be more worthwhile =) oh! i received the rings, thank you so much for the addy! =)))

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