. Celebrate it twice .

Happy Lunar New Year to all !

Huat Ah!

* above pic from google images


Happy Valentine’s Day

to all singles & lovebirds out there

Don’t you find it to be so ironic that Valentine’s Day , originally intended to be a quiet and personal affair between lovebirds, is now synonymous with consumerism, commercialization and skyrocket prices? Just as with our anniversary, it hit upon me that MK and I have never exactly celebrate Valentine’s Day together on the actual date (14/2) before. Not wanting to be victims of the exorbitant prices and the perceived glitz of Vday, we thus decided to (sorta) celebrate Vday’2010 on a shoestring budget. 1st) Caught the latest movie release, “Valentine’s Day” on Tuesday ( Free movie, courtesy of M1). 2nd) Budget gifts for each other. 3rd) Nothing else planned for 14/2/10 as we’ll be too busy with CNY visiting. How’s that for being romantic on this occasion? Haha.

From The Boy to The Girl. Sorry to be so girly, but I just can’t resist the baby pink colour and fluffy hearts! New accessories to adorn my new HTC Tattoo mobile phone.

From The Girl to The Boy. The Marc Jacobs Latin Bracelet, with the Latin inscription ofย  “Given in love for protection“.


2 responses to “. Celebrate it twice .

  1. Happy CNY and Valentine’s to ya too!! โค will mail u sooon wifey =)

    • Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚ How were your CNY and VDAY celebrations? ๐Ÿ™‚ CNY is the same for me every year… lots of visiting on the first 2 days. Will be heading out to visit MK’s family later today. Cant wait to get your mail, dear!

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