. Charming & Quaint .

Hairloom & Caramel Cafe

A quaint, eclectic and whimsical cafe – that was the first impression that I had of Caramel Cafe. A tiny diner located within a salon, this cafe reminded me of 1 of MK’s and my favorite cafe, Tea Cozy. True indeed, this cafe stands out with its colourful furniture, charming knick knacks & quirky trinkets on display. And in case if you’re wondering, yes … some of these merchandise are for sale! Made with love. I was sold at first sight. Unfortunately, that’s about all the good stuff that I can comment about this place. As with most tiny cafes, the food served at Caramel Cafe was at most, average. The lack of customer service was a huge disappointment as we certainly didn’t feel welcomed when the young waitress simply shoved the drinks to us, and turned away, without a word of “welcome”, despite us thanking her for the drinks. Such bad-mannered behavior is intolerable, especially when the cafe wasn’t even crowded at all. Nevertheless, that was an isolate case as the rest of the staff were pretty professional. Do check out Caramel Cafe for its cozy decor and unique & handmade items … you never know if there might just be something that might interest you! :p

Sights of Ann Siang Hill

Following info extracted from the STB board

Ann Siang Hill was named after Chia Ann Siang, a Hokkien merchant  who was born in Malacca in 1832. In 1848, at 16 years of age, Chia found employment with the British firm Boustead & Company, whose core businesses traded in natural resources, spices, coconut, tobacco and silk. Boustead’s ships piled the China-Europe routes in the early days. After 8 years on the job, Chia Ann Siang was promoted to the storekeeper. He eventually left Boustead and went into the timber business and became a partner of Geok Teat and Company. He became a rich landowner and one of the leading merchants of his time, he acquired both Ann Siang Hill and Mount Erskine.

The view from the top of the hill

Been wanting to visit The Little Dröm ( which means “Dream” in Swedish) Store since I first saw a lovely spread featuring it, on a random blog. Alas, the shop was closed by the time we made our way there. Till the next trip to Ann Siang Hill!

For those of you who enjoy a good read, why not pop by this treasure trove of books? Located along Ann Siang Road, Books Actually is a quaint bookstore that sells an impressive range of specialized books dedicated in literature, poetry and plays. Not your cup of tea? Fret not, as Books Actually has a sister bookstore “Polymath & Crust” ( located on levels 2 & 3 ) that sells a wide variety of non-fiction books, ranging from biography to films to travels. Guess what? Books Actually even manufactures their own brand of stationery ( from notebooks to pencils to bookmarks ) under the name of Birds & Co. , so keep your eyes peeled for that!  🙂


9 responses to “. Charming & Quaint .


    you’re really BAGUS i swear! I’ve been working at Tanjong Pagar for 2 yrs plus, I only went to Ann Xiang about 2-3 times. I didn’t know there’re interesting places like you’ve mentioned in your post! AWESOME!

    Actually, the 2-3 times i went to Ann Xiang, is to collect cakes from The Patissier.


    • Happy Lunar New Year to you too, Vickie! 🙂
      Also, not forgetting that today is Valentine’s Day. Any plans to celebrate it?

      Yea, Ann Siang is a hidden gem … a treasure trove of eclectic, quirky and artsy-fatsy stuff! It is also a watering hole, lots of quaint bars and restaurants that you can check out!

      How are the cakes at The Patissier?

      • I had nothing plan for my Vday because both of us will be busy with our own visitation. :C Wanted to catch Valentine day’s movie but the tickets are selling hot and fast! Guess there’s nothing much one can do in SG at night leh.

        The bars looks good. But each time when i walked pass, it’s bright daylight, hahahah! the bars not open.

        The cakes there’re good! Many of my colleagues love it, and they bought it for their wife and husband! 😀

        Check it out, their website as per below.

      • Ok, cool! I’ll check out the cakes someday soon! 🙂 I usu just get the chocolate cakes from Awfully Chocolate nowadays as it’s just a stone throw away from my house.

        Honestly, I think Valentine’s Day is a delightful movie, though cliche but my friend thinks it’s over-rated. Nevertheless, I’d say … catch it if you can! 🙂

  2. Awfully choc very sweet leh, dont u feel so?
    you’ve very strong sweet toof? 😛

    there’s is a new movie titled ” i hate valentine’s day” think it’s gna be funnier than valentine’s day.


    • Haha. I love all sorts of taste – Sweet. Sour. Salty. Bitter ( esp herbal soup! ). My gfs all know me for my taste of anything exotic and adventurous lol.

      Oh, yea. heard of the movie ” I hate Vday” but haven’t got a chance to catch it yet.

      I love the cheongsam dress too. It’s from BC. love their stuff though Im always too slow.. so gotta buy from cotters mall or wait for BO. you?

      • can tell you’re very ONZ, sporty and adventurous kind after reading your posts!

        Not everyone can fit nicely in cheongsam leh, like i can’t! hahaha and i havent bought from blogshops for a LONG time.

        my size not so small, so not easy to get clothes online without trying.

  3. To Vickie:

    I cant seem to reply you on the other thread! Anyway, I’m the opposite… I only shop online these days as it’s a lot more convenient & cheaper. Plus, I hardly head to town to shop nowadays. Im kinda losing touch with new brick & motar shops! Any recs?

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