. im a happy girl .

New Loots in the mailbox

Have you ever seen an “Angry Red Apple” before? I bet not! Was it because someone took a huge bite out of it? Angry Apple pin from Loungefly! Gonna be wearing it on my bad/moody days lol.

Marc Jacobs loves. Romance this Valentine’s Day … Rings inscribed with romantic Latin phrases. I’m in love with these new purchases!

Inter NosBetween us.
Datum Amore Ad DefendGiven in love for protection.


11 responses to “. im a happy girl .

  1. hey steph, the rings are really pretty. where did you get them? =)

    • hey kinsing! šŸ™‚

      I got them from an online shop. But the rings are OOS… they sell out pretty fast. Alternatively, you can purchase them on ebay! I’m planning to get another ring off ebay too. Haha, Marc addict.

  2. oooh! i didnt realise u replied. heh oh which online shop may i ask? ok i shall get them off ebay! thanks girl =) Happy CNY (& whatever’s left of it heh)!!!

    • I just got one off ebay! Yesterday, too tempting to resist! :p
      Anyway, I got them from Quixotic! They just uploaded new stocks for Marc Jacobs rings… quick go get them! šŸ™‚

  3. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna grab them!!! but! their sizes are different! oh no, im confused. =(!

    • Best bet to get rings in size 6 if you intend to wear it. The size 6 is bigger than usual though, cz I can only wear it on my third or second finger. However, you can get them in bigger sizes as pendants.

  4. heh i managed to get a pair! thank you girl (:

    • You’re welcome. I’m sure that you’ll love the rings too!

      Which ones did you get? I just got the one with “Truth Enlightens” in size 6 from ebay. More ex, but the ones at Quixotic are OOS.

  5. i got “Inter Nos – Between us.” size 6 and ” Tibi In Omne Tempus – For you forever.” Size 8 for my bf before they got out of stock! hee hee hee..

  6. Hello! Are those Marc Jacob rings authentic? I just visited the Quixotic website, they are around $25 a pc. Hmm.. Did your rings oxidise?

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