. watami restaurant .

A hit among shoppers at ION, the Watami Restaurant is never seen without a horrendously long queue of customers, all eagerly awaiting for their turn to dine. One visit to the restaurant and it’s easy to see why this place is so popular. Reasonably good food at very wallet-friendly prices. If I rmr correctly, the Kanten Jelly with Fruits costs only $2+! My recommendations : Sashimi Reimen ( Cold Noodle with Sashimi ), Ishiyaki Kaisen Garlic Rice, Mushroom wrapped in Bacon on skewer, Choco Banana Pudding & any of the soda Calpis drink.  =)

As with most of my dinner dates with close girlfriends, Kristin & I were so engaged in our conversation that we almost didn’t realise that we were the last remaining customers in the restaurant! Oh, so typical of us girls!

Watami Restaurant
# B3 – 23 Ion Orchard


2 responses to “. watami restaurant .

  1. try Ootoya restaurant at Orchard Central level 8- the food is nice and more to homecooked feel.The rice is super nice from Japan.
    And the rice is refillable for free oOo…

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