. do you believe in Magic? .

Sexy Magic, Urban Illusions

Magic Just Got Hotter

With a repertoire of prop magic tricks and illusions, the duo magicians entertained Soy & I immensely with their sneak preview at St James a couple months back. Spellbound by their dazzling performance, we left the preview, in anticipation of greater stuff for their latest show. Unfortunately, the performance last weekend seemed lackluster as it had quite a number of recycled acts from their preview. Nevertheless, some acts such as the simple origami trick continue to keep me intrigued. Till the next magical performance!

* For the 2 following pictures: credit to Magic Babe Ning’s official website


Speaking of the mysterious world of magic, my favourite magician has got to be Cyril Takayama. Known for his impressive sleigh-of-hand tricks, Cyril is popular for his signature “Hamburger in Menu” trick. Unlike most magicians who perform prop magic on stage, Cyril however engages his audience in street magic, at a close-up distance. Here are some videos of his amazing repertoire of street magic tricks! Watch it to believe it!  :p

* Pic from Google Images

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