. a stone’s throw away from Orchard .

Singapore Botanic Garden

A hot spot among expats, domestic workers, tourists and budding photographers, the beautiful Singapore Botanic Garden is a green oasis located right in the prime area of an urban concrete jungle. In a way, its close proximity to town makes it the Singapore version of Central Park. For those who enjoy people-watching, rest assured that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Take a glance at the lush green lawn and you’ll see that it’ll be dotted with small groups of people from all walks of life. From having a lovely picnic of sumptuous food to taking a leisure stroll along the many trails to sunbathing under the sun  ( we even spotted a Caucasian lady in her bikini!), this park has a little for everyone and anyone. There was a moment when the both of us felt as if we weren’t in Singapore anymore because many of the people around us were speaking in foreign languages!

Rich in biodiversity, the Botanic Garden has also attracted its fair share of photographers, locally and overseas, who are keen to capture a Kodak moment of the diverse wildlife ( especially birds). In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever come across so many photographers armed with their DSLR at just one location! A simple Google search for “Photography at SBG” revealed a whole long list of photo-blogs and photo albums, many of which have breath-taking and stunning sights of nature at its best ( flora, fauna, insects, birds, etc ). Truly, a haven for all avid nature photographers.

Spotted! The largest camera lens that I’ve ever since in my entire life!

Our own collection of pictures from the garden of tranquility & serenity.
Warning: Visual Overload

Spur of the moment pictures !


National Orchid Garden

Showcasing more than 1,000 species of Orchids and 2,000 hybrids, the National Orchid Garden boasts the largest display of orchids in the world. To many Singaporeans, the Orchid is synonymous with Singapore as the beautiful Vanda Miss Joaquim is our country’s National Flower. However, do you know that the Orchid is the largest family of the flowering plants, with approximately 25,000 species and over 100,000 hybrids? WOW. I sure didn’t know that prior to this visit. Take your time to admire the full bloom and splendor of the wide variety of Orchids as you make your way around the beautifully landscaped garden. Keep your eyes peeled for the designated “Photo Spot” (refer to the pic below) that are located at some of the most picturesque parts of the garden! Very touristy lol.

Admission – $5/adult


spot the odd ball !

Hear no evil

See no evil

Speak no evil

Keeping the best for the last ( MK’s picture of the trip) !

Capturing water cascading down the waterfall in still moments


2 responses to “. a stone’s throw away from Orchard .

  1. OMG OMG !!! Cannot believe right ? I still remember the time when I told you about my problem and now I am here in USA ?!!

    I really thank you for all the email and encourages~~~

    I am going back next week ~ and got to wait another 7 months before he really returns… 😡

    Hows life?

    • Yes!! It didnt seem too long ago that we talked about LDR and such. Yet, it was actually a year ago. I’m so happy that you are finally there. Lucky babe, I read about your wonderful time in Japan too! OMG, makes me wanna travel so badly.

      Work is miserable, but thankfully, I have other aspects of life to look forward to! 🙂 Meet up when u come back k?

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