. not often said, but felt .

“I’ll always treasure our friendship without counting the miles between us, the days we are apart or the differences we share.”

2003: Back in those days, when we were once nerds looking all geeky in our school uniform. 2010: 6 yrs forward, we are now the sophisticated ladies that we so wanted to be when we were young. The night at Timbre@Substation goes to show how 6 yrs of absence was not much of a hurdle to our friendship. Sure, moments of that lovely evening will turn into yesterday and become nothing more than a memory of the past. But somehow, I can’t help but have a strong feeling that this dinner marks the beginning of a renewed bond.


Changes but the Same

Change is the only constant. It has been way too long since O & I last met up. Too many changes that have happened within the span of 4 months. Indeed, there were times when I felt guilty for letting work and “ME”  time get into the way of friendships. But with some friends, we simply have this mutual understanding that we wouldn’t let the increasing time spent apart affect the quality of our friendship.


Let’s be a glutton for the Night !

TGIF, for everyone loves Fridays. Nothing better to end the long work week with a night out with colleagues. A mouth-watering crab feast at Melben ( All the favourites: Chilli Crab, Creamy Butter Crab & the Signature Crab Bee Hoon ), followed by drinks and a heart-to-heart chat at Canopy ( A hidden oasis smack right in Bishan Park – Just the ideal place for couples. ).

To quote Serene, “It’s the differences among us that made us friends.


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