. passing cloud .

A couple weeks back, we received a pleasant surprise when an unexpected tiny dog visited us. The lost West Highland Terrier that jumped through the square gate grill and into our house. Was it gonna be a mayhem and a house of chaos with 2 dogs living under the same roof? Fortunately for us, both Archie & the westie got along well and soon became fast friends. We smiled with glee as we soon found the joy of having another doggy companion albeit a temporary one. True indeed, 15 hours later, it was a case of a happy ending as the westie was reunited with her owners. “Passing Cloud“, that was our name for her.


2 responses to “. passing cloud .

  1. hahaha! So that was the dog that jumped into your home!!! Cute! 🙂

    • hey 🙂
      Yes, that’s Elsie ( the dog’s name)! She’s really different from Archie – very quiet! But like Archie, shes loves attention and follows us all the time. Makes me wanna have another dog soon!

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