. With ♥, Puff .

Don’t you find it to be such an absolute delight to receive something from the mailbox every now and then? The best part comes as you eagerly open the envelope, to find a lovely piece of accessory staring right back at you. Specially handcrafted with much love, Puff Accessories brings you a wide range of quirky jewellery that are essential for anyone looking to up their style quotient. Boosting a collection of charming trinkets, the shop will delight vintage lovers with its range of earrings that have vintage cameo or watercolour painting that are set in ornate frames. Something machine made and mass produced can never exude the originality and creativity of such pieces that are hand-made and one of its kind. Created with materials that are hand-picked, there playfully mismatched but chic accessories are not only beautiful but are also of good quality.

Just before you jump into the assumption that Puff Accessories is yet another typical blogshop that sells the usual whimsical handmade accessories,  here are some little angels that promise to make you smile with glee. This range of Puff Angels are exclusive only to Puff Accessories and are a true labor of love & dedication as some angels might take up to days to create. Just in case if you’re wondering, there are no two Puffs that are alike. Whether it is a mermaid, ballerina, fairy, policewoman or oriental girl, you will most certainly find a Puff Angel that catches your eye. Truly, a great statement that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

For more creative and exquisite accessories, please drop by



2 responses to “. With ♥, Puff .

  1. I really like the angel series.. will love to get one, but i guess its not my style to be so cutsy girlie.. so i never got down to buying one.. i’ll just admire from pics.. haha

    • Haha. I think the angels are adorable too! 🙂
      And, I saw from your blog that you won tickets for a dance performance! Darn, I dont seem to have the luck of winning stuff like that. lol.

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