. the sun, sand, surf .

well, minus the surf part.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It has been 8 months since we went for our last vacation together. A short respite from the city life sounds fantastic. A “chillax” ( as JW would put it) getaway where our sole purpose would be to bum at the pool & beach. Beach bums. With that thought in mind, we packed our bags, left Archie home alone with my family for a night and headed to the nearby idyllic paradise of Bintan island. It also helps that MK has a voucher for a free night stay at Nirwana Resort Hotel, courtesy of his corporate partner. After all, who in the right frame of mind would reject free goodies right? I know I wouldn’t.  :p

Bintan in Boxes

First Day

Scenes & sights of natural beauty – The picturesque bay of aqua blue waters and powdery soft sands. It’s little wonder why this pristine island has attracted hordes of tourists seeking for unbridled relaxation. Absolute perfection for people with a small budget like us!

Nirwana Mini Zoo

We stumbled upon the Nirwana Mini Zoo while taking a lovely stroll in the hotel grounds. As part of its efforts to help in animal conservation, Nirwana Gardens has turned a part of its zoo into a sanctuary for rescued wild birds. To educate the hotel guests more about these animals, the hotel management even place information stands for reference. The mini zoo certainly lives up to its name of being miniature as it took us no more than 10mins to complete a tour of it. Nonetheless, I’m impressed by the hotel’s creativity in creating a zoo within its compounds.

Some animals in sight: Cassowary ( the 2nd largest breed of birds, after the Ostrich ), Crocodiles, Python ( the largest & longest python that I have ever seen in my entire 22 yrs on Earth!), Eclectus parrots ( Do you know that you can tell the genders apart from the colour of the birds? The females are deep red in colour and have a black bill, whereas the males are bright green in colour and have a bright orange bill. ), Cockatoos and Vulture, just to name a few.


Gossip Cockatoos
You know you love me.

catch them in action now!

Beach at dusk

Unforgettable with L.O.V.E

2nd Day

As much as I love to bum around the beach and get baked under the sun ( not too often though as too much suntanning leads to premature aging!), a vacation wouldn’t be complete without me trying my hand at something new. Caught between having to choose either an hour of horseback riding or ATV action, I eventually settled for the former as I have always wanted to ride a horse since young. It’s ironic to think that I have rode on both the elephant and camel before, but never on a horse. Guess that Sunday was my lucky day! With much anticipation, we paid a hefty S$75/pax for an hour of “safari” ride – A ride through the forest and along the beach. Being first-timers, we each had a sidewalker to walk beside the horse and lead us in the trail. My disappointment ( as I was expecting it to be free riding ) soon turned into relief as I realized that I have very little confidence in handling the horse, especially when she kept venturing off trail and into the woods! Thank godness that we didn’t crash into the tree! Fortunately for us, the sidewalkers understood our eagerness for freedom and gave us sporadic moments of free riding! Lucky MK even got the opportunity to gallop his stallion!

Picture in your mind the brilliant and colourful hues of dusk as a couple rode into the sunset. What a fairytale-like picture! I wish that was us; alas that wasn’t the reality. Nevertheless, both MK & I truly enjoyed the splendid ride along the beach, with the sounds of the lapping waves & strong breeze blowing through our hair. But there was a price to pay as Im now suffering from a sore butt ( need more butt fats for cushion) ! Many people might think that it’s expensive to spend more than $1/min on horseback riding but I have only this to say – It’s just a matter of time before the 2 of us embark on our next horseback riding adventure.

My proud moments with Monica ( my horse).

Memories that last a lifetime


Much thanks to love for creating more memories for yet another chapter in our lives together.


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  1. Steph, your timer shots with MK rawks totally!


  3. Nice one..romantic trip!!Lovey dovey

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