. back to nature .

An afternoon at Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

The new “Dairy Farm Nature Reserve” was the first location that popped in my head, when I was in the midst of a search for a new nature place to visit. As the name suggests, the nature reserve used to be a cattle farm operated by Cold Storage. Through the years,the area was used as a vegetable farm before being converted into an Orchid plantation. Catering to people of all ages, the park has 2 easy walking trails – 1) The Wallace Trail that leads you to the Wallace Education Centre, where you can gain knowledge about the biodiversity found within that area and 2) The route to the Singapore Quarry, where you will be greeted by a spectacular view of the quarry. For those who are looking for something more physical and strenuous, do take the uphill trail to the “peak” of the neighboring Bukit Timah Hill. Set aside about an hr + to 2 hrs to enjoy the greenery and wildlife. If you are lucky, you might just be able to spot monkeys climbing and swinging from one tree to another ( just like we did! ). An oasis in the city.

Abandoned utility building in an unkempt condition.

Open the door & take a peek into the darkness.

A picturesque view of a small stream flowing downhill.

Embrace Nature
The path to the Quarry

Not one to miss out on a photography opportunity, MK brought along his Canon SX1 IS camera and snapped quite a handful of pictures along the way. Here are some pics taken by both yours truly and her boyfriend.

The breath-taking view of the Singapore Quarry that greeted us at the end of the walk. A sight not common in Singapore.

A poem

Cherished moments of serenity and peace amid the cacophony of hoots & horns that could be vaguely heard from the streets.


8 responses to “. back to nature .

  1. AWESOME photos steph! the shots of breath-taking view of the Singapore Quarry was totally unable to be descibed by words! you always has such great lobangs of such places! LOVE IT.

    • Hi babe!

      Have you visited the Little Children Museum yet? Haha, most of the pics were taken by my bf. He’s gonna be so pleased with the compliment! Thanks babe.

  2. steph dear! looks like a good place to visit, from all your photos!! ok i think i shall go one day!! was it very hot and sunny or was it shady?

    • Hi darling πŸ™‚

      Yes it is. Plus, it’s a good place to do some form of exercise. But rmr to put on sun-block! I was sun-burnt from that day. Now, I look like Im wearing an invisible singlet, really ugly. 😦

  3. Yes dear i visited! My camera batt went DEAD when i’m about to finish the place! Hence, i didn’t manage to take photos with the scooters you and your frd ride on. ):

    Both of you take good photos! you both drove in to the quarry or by public transport?

    • Oh no! Just like me. My hp battery went dead, the moment I started taking pics at the museum. What luck man. Hope you enjoyed the place though! Quite a hidden gem, right? πŸ™‚ Do u have a blog?

      We don’t drive ( no driving licenses yet! ), took public transport instead. 966 ( i think) goes there. πŸ™‚ Rmr to apply lots of sunscreen if u dont wanna get burnt ( like me).

  4. Yes, i enjoyed the hidden gem discovery! Do you mind dropping me your email, i send you link through there. (You may email to my email i used in this comment.)

    Boy! i like, no public transport YET you can find such places! 966 sounds like trans island bus hur, my area no trans island bus services. :O

    • Yea, I love taking public transport – though specifically, buses! However, I have to agree that it can be quite inconvenient to get to certain places as there aren’t buses that get u straight to there. So, my resolution for this year would be to get a driving license! Haha.

      I’ll drop u an email then, babe!

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