. NYE Countdown & 2nd Anniversary .

30th December 2009

A simple pre-New Year’s dinner with Chantelle & Marie. NY resolutions for both girls – To start taking the initiative to plan more dinner dates instead of always waiting for me to organize. LOL  :p


Countdown to 2010 !!!

NYE Siloso Beach Party at Sentosa

Anticipation ran high on 31st December’09, as countless of parties were all set to ring in the New Year. Be it to celebrate the last moments of 2009 or to welcome 2010 and start it off with a bang, everyone was simply spoilt for choices as many parts of Singapore were transformed into a mass of dazzling lights  to kick off the year in style. Having experienced a quiet countdown to 2009, I thus wanted to soak in the celebration & party atmosphere by squeezing with the crazy crowd at some mass countdown ( eg. Marina Bay celebrations! ). CC invited the few of us to the NYE Siloso Beach Party at Sentosa, as she had free tickets ( and don’t we all love free goodies!? ). Truth to be told, I wasn’t that keen initially as my 1st experience at the Siloso countdown party (years ago) was so horrible that I kinda swore off from attending its subsequent parties. Nonetheless, it was the company that ultimately mattered the most.

As with all major NYE celebrations, the tiny island burst into an explosion of lights as the sky was lighted with a fireworks spectacular at the stroke of midnight. Following that, the bunch of us took a long stroll along the beach and made 2 pit stops – 1 at the new Wavehouse to check out the “Surfer” dudes/babes riding the “waves” (artificial) and the 2nd at Coastes where we danced & grooved to the beats of old school R&B & Hip-Hop. Frankly, the only place where we truly let out hair down and had fun … The other places were kinda a bore.

Ended the NYE celebration over at an acquaintance’s friend’s house at Sentosa Cove. Okay, I’ll admit. We gate-crashed the house party because we didn’t want to miss our only chance to catch a glimpse of the ultimate rich man’s playground. Boosting an unobstructed scenic view of the skyline of the main island and the South China Sea, these exclusive houses sure do sound like one’s dream home. Not surprisingly, many of the houses come with their own private berthing slot where they can dock either their sailing boat or yacht. Ultra luxurious lifestyle. But, the gated community looks void of any uniqueness/character as it seems to be too manicured and polished. Too atas for me. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience for an ordinary girl like me lol.


2nd Anniversary

. 1st Jan 2010 .

Come to think of it, it was not such a fantastic idea that we got together on the 1st Jan. Reason being, we would be suffering from a major hangover from all the NYE celebrations that we would probably sleep away the first half of 1st Jan. Which was frankly what we did lol. Nevertheless, the 2nd anniversary mark called for a celebration. Pop the champagne!!

Yours truly had a sudden but intense craving for a seafood feast. Big players such as Jumbo and Long Beach, are aplenty but the challenge comes when we have to find one that caters to our budget ( too much money spent on Christmas gifts! ). Goggled ( my tech best friend ) for places of recommendation and came across many raves about this particular diner. A hidden gem that is tucked in a corner of an aged pink building. A cozy steak house that was once frequented by many American sailors. Hence, the name “Mariners’ Corner” restaurant at Maritime House.

Take a step into the restaurant and you can’t help but feel that you have been transported back to the 1980’s where checkered table cloths were the “IN” thing then. Living up to its name as a place for the sailors, the interior of the restaurant was decorated like a naval ship, complete with wooden windows and wall decorations. Get romantic with your loved ones as you dine to the soothing tunes of good’ old classics and love songs of the 80’s. In other words, just be ready to be transported into a world of yesteryear and old English charm. However, just an advice for all – Please rmr to bring a jacket/sweater along cz you wouldn’t want to be shivering and feeling as if you were stucked in a freaking freezer!

Food of the day:

We started off with half a dozen of pan-fried scallop for appetizer, followed by a cold dish of prawn salad and a bowl of mushroom soup. For mains (with greens at the side), the boy ordered the combo – Norwegian Salmon & King Prawn. For a seafood lover like me, it was almost impossible not to be tempted with the lobster & chicken main. Grilled with butter ( I think. Not a food expert. ), the lobster was absolutely divine, succulent and sweet. An aftertaste sweetness that lingers in your mouth. The juicy slab of chicken was a great choice of accompaniment to the lobster as its peppery sauce added rich flavors to the dish. Ended the meal with something sweet – Sugar roll & cream puff. A delicious meal that left us wanting to return for another time soon. Given the huge portions of the food , I’d certainly say that the $85 ( Set meals were slightly pricier as it was New Yr’s ) was very well-spent indeed. We’ll be back, for sure!

Place to Watch Out for

Mariners’ Corner Restaurant & Steak House
Maritime House
120 Cantonment Road #01-02
Singapore 089760

Not wanting to do the usual couple-ish “let’s hit the mall” routine, we thus decided to take a long and lovely stroll around the quiet & isolated CBD area (such a different sight as compared to a busy weekday afternoon where the streets are packed with people dressed in their power suits ). Great suggestion –  Gave MK an opportunity to capture “emo” photographs of the night & empty streets with his semi-pro camera and also for me to exercise ( walking = exercising. My delusional world lol) before catching Avatar 3D ( Latest News: Avatar just crossed the $1 billion in sales! Will it be able to beat Titanic to claim the NO.1 Worldwide Box Office Hit? ) at midnight.

Pictures of the Night
* taken with my less than pro camera :p

Love” – “The emotion that encapsulates all that is beautiful.
Happy 2nd Anniversary, baby.


4 responses to “. NYE Countdown & 2nd Anniversary .

  1. Hey babe, sorry you don’t have a chat box for me to write.

    I wanted to ask if you’re keen on Ms Fong’s BAK KUA workshop? I am signing up for that. 16 Jan.

    Heheh 🙂

    • Hi babe! 🙂

      I can’t make it on 16th Jan as I will be overseas. Thanks so much for asking. Maybe, another cooking session! :p

      My co. just sent me an email about baking “Famous Amos” cookies with Ms Fong too but I don’t think Im going for that either. Though, Im an avid fan of FA ookies lol.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

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