. Things that I’m So Thankful For in 2009 .

Time flies (which I say with each passing year), for today marks the beginning of 2010. A new decade since the Millennium. 2008 had been 1 of the best years for me as it started off with MK and I officially getting together and ended with an unforgettable semester in USA. In comparison, while there have been many great things that had happened in 2009, it was ,however, a year that left much to ponder about. 2009 has been a year of soul-searching for me … A journey to truly think about what I want out of life and the directions that I would like to take. It is about me having to make tough choices and decisions about my job  and struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  I do not want to be stuck in a rut, like many working adults do ( It’s an increasing trend that many of my working friends are saying that they no longer have a life cz work drains them of energy and time. ) , and be sucked into a life of routines. It’s scaring me to know that there are so many people out there who feel that there isn’t much to look forward to in life. Makes me wonder if I’ll eventually turn out to be as jaded as they are someday.

While I know, for certain, that I wouldn’t want to allow myself to sink into a life of passivity and inaction, the truth is I’m equally confused as to what are the specific things/factors that motivate me. There were many days when I question myself what is it that I want in life. Is it to live a simple life and be contented with what I’m already blessed with? Or to earn more money so that I can live a more luxurious life? After all, it’s easy to fall into the trap of admiring the lives of the rich & famous and try to pursue that form of lifestyle. But that will be a never-ending pursuit cz we are greedy and always want more. Success at work? Overcome my fears, face up to challenges and destroy any self-limiting belief that I currently have? Or, be comfortable staying in my comfort zone? Gain approval and admiration from others? Originality and authentic living? So many choices, but no certain directions YET. Guess this gives me a reason to further evaluate my life and discover more about myself and my needs/wants in 2010. 2010, it’s gonna be a year of self-discovery.


My Family !

the ones who complete me.


Graduation & Work

A year ago, I was still a student leading a carefree life. There wasn’t much of a need to worry about finding a job or managing finances. A year later, I finally graduated with honors ( hooray!) and was lucky enough to have landed in a rather good-paying job. Nothing can describe the sense of accomplishment felt to finally be able to earn my own money and be productive. Being employed brings about greater responsibilities as I soon find myself being more in control of managing my money and finances. In addition, working in business operations also forces me , someone who has never taken a module in business during her uni days, to take up the challenge to learn about the different aspects that goes into managing a business ( budgeting, manpower, productivity level, accounting, marketing, etc). It truly feels as if I’m yanked out of my comfort zone and thrown into the deep blue sea to survive … A steep learning curve, that’s what it is.  :/



The best thing that had happened to me in 2009. A lesson in unconditional love. A friendship beyond measure. A friend that never fails to lift my spirit, whenever I’m bogged down by problems and troubles. The wagging tail that puts a smile across my face. The one loyal companion that’s always by my side when I’m home. I might have everything else going on for me, but having Archie simply added so much more joy and meaning to my life. An unexpected bundle of happiness and love.  🙂

It was simply “Love at First Sight”. The adorable puppy that barely weighs 3kg.

The handsome Archie.

A testament of the special bond that we both share.


If you recall, I was supposed to be part of the YEP team heading to Laos earlier this year. Unfortunately, due to some last-min changes, I had to pull out from the team reluctantly. 😦  As such, I immediately jumped at the chance to participate in this 6 days long service-learning trip to Cambodia! A self-discovery trip where I found contentment in serving others. This form of happiness that motivates me to try make a commitment to being a little less self-centered. Not wanting this trip to be a one-off thing, I decided to do my bit by sponsoring a child at the orphanage ( MK & I are now sponsors of a 6 yrs old boy 🙂 ).

My 2 new god-sisters!  =)



Short getaways to Batam, Bangkok & Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



My internship at ZCP had been stimulating, to say the least. To have been given the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes in theater productions, work on publicity materials, network with different partners and meet people who wholeheartedly eat, drink and live for their passion – Arts – It’s pretty inspiring.  Inspires me to do the same, though Im not quite as successful at that. All of that, plus a free ride in the 8m long stretch limo!!!


AFF 2009

To be involved in the Audi Fashion Festival 2009 as a volunteer dresser and shared sporadic moments of laughter and jokes with new-found acquaintances.  The stint for the fashion festival could jolly well be the last for me as I don’t foresee myself having the time to volunteer for it again next year.

F1 ROCKS!!! Great company and electrifying & mind-blowing performances from BEP and Beyonce. Awesome shit.

To finally conquer the ultimate bungy ride (in Singapore), G-MAX.

Speaking of heights and thrills, there were also other eventful times when I experienced a major kick of adrenaline rush from pushing myself to the limits at overcoming these obstacles.

In making full use of my weekends to be involved in a range of activities. Visits to arts & photography exhibitions. A trip down memory lane at Haw Par Villa. A failed attempt at prawning (again!!!).  😦  Forest and tree-top trails at MacRitchie reservoir. Reviving the memories of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. My feeble attempts at having a healthier lifestyle by participating in the Pink Dolphin Charity Heritage Walk, Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk and All Shapes Aerobathon … amongst many others.


Ending the year, with new additions to the growing family!



Of course, a year wouldn’t be quite the same to me had it not been the awesome company of my beloved friends.What’s life without a little friendship? I can’t imagine how lonely and meaningless it must be to be in this journey of life, and not have anyone to truly celebrate it with you. So to all my dear friends – Im not exactly sure of what to expect in the coming years. After all, it is known that most people start to have a shrinking circle of friends once they start working/settling down ( and we’re fast approaching those stages! Im waiting for the chance to start attending friends’ weddings! ). Different priorities and commitments might start coming between friendships in time to come, but at least for now, I just want to thank all of those who took the time and effort to continue to keep in touch in spite of our increasingly hectic schedules. =)



Lastly, to the guy who has put up with my unreasonable behavior and temper – Thank you for always being so understanding and accommodating. This year has especially been quite trying for us, given that we are both entering the workforce together and have also taken the heavy responsibility of being a  “parent” to our naughty boy, Archie.  Different views and takes on these issues had resulted in increasing misunderstandings and arguments, thus putting our relationship to a test. However, I truly believe that our appreciation and respect for each other grows even stronger, with every challenge that we faced and overcame together. I love you, MK. May 2010 brings about more marvelous moments for us!


4 responses to “. Things that I’m So Thankful For in 2009 .

  1. heya!(: just rather curious.. which course did you take in SIM?

  2. hey girl 🙂

    UB. Communications. Are you studying in SIM too? 🙂

  3. I’m doing the same course as you!(: but i’ve just joined only recently (just had my orientations today!).. Do u mind sharing what job are u doing now? not too sure what kind of jobs will I be going for after graduating in 3 years’. thanks (:

  4. Hi babe! 🙂

    Oh. How’s it so far? 🙂 Im actually doing something that’s totally not related to what I studied. In business operations, but there’s a chance that I might head back to doing sth that I like. Anw, most of my classmates and friends are working in either corp communication, marketing, events ( alot of them are doing this! ) and advertising ( as advertising account execs). Some even got into prestigious companies like LV and Cartier! 🙂

    But it seems like most have a pretty good job, so not to worry about not finding a job. 🙂 Do drop me a msg if you need more info!

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