. The days leading to Christmas .

With the Christmas spirits in the air, it is inevitable that December has always been my favorite month of the year. A month-long of celebration: A Christmas feast of Turkey, Ham, Beef, Chocolates & Log Cakes … Christmas caroling along the streets of Orchard Road … Shopping for Christmas presents … & of course, a valid reason for friends to come together, gather & make merry!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

It was supposed to be a long night of partying – mouth-watering food, gift exchanges, drinking and games. However, just before the clock strikes 12am, ZN decided to play “The Grinch” and abandoned us for something else. Once again, the wet blanket/OUTCAST of the group ( as we jokingly call him all the time) strikes! It would have been perfectly fine had it been another occasion, but certainly not on this day which we had been looking so forward to since a month again. From that day onwards, he’s now known as “The Grinch that Stole Christmas“.  Haha.

The Happy Times before the Grinch Strikes

The much awaited Christmas Gift Exchange begins …
The theme for our gift exchange is “Quirky, Funny & Quite Nonsensical” .

Trust Zhennan to know me well enough – I got a Mini Disco Apple Speaker ( Get ready to blast the music now !!!) and a Musical Cookie Tin ( that i’ve been eyeing on for quite awhile! ). On the other hand, my presents to Victor were so lame, that I had 2nd thoughts about giving them to him. Got him a pot of Money Plant and an “Early Retirement Fund” Coin Bank so that he can start saving the money that the plant brings forth for him! Nonsensical enough, right?

The Extremely ecstatic Me.

However, I think Wai Mum wins hands down in getting the most ridiculous gift! A recipe book on the 500 ways to prepare a salad dish for the “SALAD KING”.

Us with our gift from Serene – An ENORMOUS paper clip that will come in handy as we have tons of work notes to bury ourselves in. Such a miserable thought!  😦

Let bygones be bygones, and because it’s Christmas Time – We’re gonna forgive ZN for ruining our Christmas session though he still remains as the Outcast for the multiple times that he can’t make it for our dinners! Lol. Also, thanks to WM for being such a fantastic host. Love the MTs ♥


Here comes Santa Claus

2nd Christmas gathering at Aston’s. True to its reputation and promise, Aston delivers a variety of delicious food, at cheap prices. However, bear in mind that there’s always a long queue no matter what time of the day it is. Expect to wait for an average of 30mins. This observation made me wonder if eating is truly 1 of Singaporeans’ favourite past-time. I ♥ my gift (from Eil) – It’s a mug that says ” I am not a Shopaholic. I just enjoy collecting receipts.” How apt. 3 Cheers to Jia Zhen for her efforts in making this Christmas meal a success!

A mug that speaks so true of my real hobby.

Jocelyn in her “specially flown in from Japan Disneyland” Mickey Ear Muffs!


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A Christmas lunch for 11 at Marche, 313. Our monthly outing of joy, fun and merry. I know that it hasn’t been that easy to organize a gathering and gift exchange for all of us, so here’s A BIG BEAR HUG for you, from me, for always being the Big Sister (despite your tiny size) to us!  🙂


Christmas goes Middle-Eastern

Congrats to Nicole for getting her Class 2A License! You did it, girly! Am waiting for the next night spin on your new & bigger bike!

A birthday gift from Nicole darling – A hand-crafted glass ring! I ♥  it; it’s beautiful !


An intimate dinner on the eve of Christmas’s Eve

An intimate dinner for 3 at Angus Steak House. Given its name, it’s obvious that flocks of people head there for its succulent and juicy steak. However, being budget-conscience ( DEC = A month that will even turn the most thrifty person to be a spendthrift! ), we opted for the Pasta mains instead. Do give Angus a try if you’re up for something less common, such as the Abalone & Sea-Urchin Pasta that I had.

Seems like someone got lucky and received a big parcel for Christmas. Shermin babe, with her new semi-Pro camera! Upcoming Photographer in the works.

8 years of sisterhood & friendship. Thank you so much for always being there for me, my dears. Hopefully, someday we’ll be like the group of 30+ yo ladies who sat next to us … Successful in their careers, Married ( Or, Single ) but still as close as ever.


Pop The Crackers

In an effort to inject some fun on Christmas eve ( as we still have to report for work) , I brought a pack of Christmas crackers ( Just in case if you’re wondering, I got them at Spotlight. ) to work. Had a spilt second of fun popping the crackers though we spent more time trying to find our mini-sized novelty items that flew out of the ribbon and all over the room!

– Less than A Week to 2010. Somehow, I just don’t want the year to come to an end, just not so fast.  –


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  1. I am MK and where’s my picture?
    I did gift exchange with the family, and popped a few crackers. But no pictures.


    Need some publicity man. Upload my picture.

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