Money makes the world go round

A couple weeks back, Soy darl & I declared the 27th Nov a “Museum Day” as we visited a couple of less-renowned but equally interesting museums. First stop was the first and only museum that is dedicated to exhibiting the Singapore currency. Let’s face it. Everyone loves MONEY. To many of us, we live to earn money. Money that we spend on buying essentials, paying bills, splurging on lavish products and pampering ourselves. MONEY. Yet, have you ever wonder about its humble beginnings and how these indispensable stuff are actually made? If so, the Singapore Coins & Notes Museum is the place where you can view exhibitions that not only display the past circulation currencies that Singapore used, but also the different commemorative coins thatΒ  were specially mint by the Singapore Mint for grand occasions.

More than just a place with exhibitions and displays, the Coins & Notes Museum also offers interactive activities (mainly for kids) to engage the visitors – such as the coin rubbing and a chance to mint our very own coin! Similar to the Penny Press concept, the museum has a machine that will imprint designs on the coins. Just the ideal souvenir to end my visit to the museum. πŸ™‚

Our special memento:


The Banana Notes that were circulated and used during World War II. Unfortunately, these notes were rendered worthless after the war and are now being placed for display in museums.

Did you know?

– Singapore Orchid Series is the first set of currency issued for circulation?
– Issued in the years of 1967 to 1976.
– First series of currency issued on 12th June, 1967.
– The Orchid designs signify Singapore as a garden city.
– The Vanda Miss Joaquim was only chosen as Singapore’s national flower in 1981, way after the introduction of the Orchid series?

Did you know?

– The bird series is the second set of currency issued for circulation?
– Issued in the years of 1976 to 1984.
– The $25 note, issued in the Orchid series, was replaced by the $20 note.
– The birds depicted on the notes are noted for their strength, adaptability and independence which characterize the young Republic of Singapore with the potential of soaring to greater heights in its progress.

* info from MAS website

In Ancient Times:

Can you believe that this enormous limestone that weighs more than 500kg and measuring over 4m in diameter, was once used as a form of currency in the Yap Island, Micronesia? Its sheer size probably also made it the largest currency ever used in the history of mankind. Spot the hole in the middle? The hole was created, specially to facilitate the movement of the coin, so that people can place a pole and carried it to their destination. Boy, aren’t you glad that we live in an almost cashless society?

Do you know that the Singapore Mint has achieved international recognition as a coin-maker as it has successfully produced a series of award-winning coins?Β  Read the following for more information!

Just some of the many Commemorative Coins that are specially created by The Singapore Mint.


Snippets from the Past

Check out this quaint and interesting museum that is housed in a tiny shop house, tucked away in somewhere near Bugis. Exhibiting toys and items mainly from the 1950’s to 1970’s , this museum serves as a place for adults to reminisce about their childhood.Β  Other than just putting the items on display, the museum also has unique display booths such as an old-school bookshop, a neighborhood barber shop that comes with its own barber pole light ( the one that has swirls of blue, red and white colours ) and a drinks store on wheels.Β  A world of vintage & kitschy stuff, for us to explore. Unfortunately, my camera battery went flat so I had no choice but to take pics using my handphone. Will probably visit the museum sometime soon with MK. For now, here’s a preview of what to expect in this tiny museum!

The Classic Drink : COKE
Nothing can go wrong with Coke.

Want to catch a movie? No problem. There’s a street mobile cinema ( refer to pic on bottom left ) that plays B/W silent movies, just for your entertainment! According to the website, children back in those days “paid 5 cents to watch 5 yards of film”.

No Class 2 License? Not to worry. At the museum, you’ll get to ride a bike for free, with no license needed! Get your dose of cheap thrill here! πŸ™‚

Old-fashioned Soft drink bottles.

Have u realised that I have yet to mention the name of this museum? Anyway, it’s the Children Little Museum located at 42 Bussorah Street. Don’t forget to check out the quirky store that sells lots of old-school items & handcrafted toys, on the first floor!Β  πŸ™‚


See us in Action !

Our first stop was the ClimbMax – where our physical strength were put to the test as we negotiated our way over high element obstacles such as nets, hanging platforms, hanging bridges and a mini flying fox. There are 3 levels to this course – the first being the easiest and recommended for kids. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to try level 3 till we gave either level 1 or 2 a shot. As such, we opted for lvl 2 as we wanted something more challenging. Being 30 foot above the ground, we were greeted with stunning views of the greenery and ships/vessels that dotted the surface of the sea.

Thrill factor? Having experienced the Via Ferrata climb just a week prior to this, I have to admit that the ClimbMax obstacle course pales in comparison. Most of the obstacles are relatively easy to tackle so it shouldn’t be too difficult for those who are looking for something adventurous to do over the weekends. Next high rope course that’s on my agenda: Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir!

* above pic from MegaZip website

A Leap of Faith …
& a 50 foot drop to the bottom !

The jump happened so fast, just within seconds, that it was hard to actually experience any sort of an adrenaline rush. Nonetheless, I went back for jumps #2 and #3 , just for the fun of it. Am still waiting for the opportunity to try out bungee jump!

Get ready to zip from the top of Mount Imbiah to the tiny island off Siloso Beach! The megazip flight was definitely the highlight for us as we zipped down together, just slightly above the canopy of trees, crystal clear waters and a crowded beach filled with youths either playing volleyball or sun-tanning!

Some facts about the Megazip:

– 45om flying fox
– Steepest in Asia
– Travels at speeds of 50kmph
– Flies at 75m above the ground

At the bottom, where we were greeted with (surprisingly) white sand beaches & pristine and clear-blue waters! What a wonderful flight to mark the end of our adventurous date!


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  1. Hi Steph,

    Mind sharing where is “Snippets from the Past” located?

    Thanks! :o)

  2. Oops!
    Kindly ignore the comment abv, i missed the address earlier on.
    Thanks babe!

  3. Hey babe:)

    No worries. It’s located 1 or a couple streets away from Arab Street. Im sure that you will enjoy yourself very much over there πŸ™‚

  4. photography is allowed inside yea? saw the nice photos you took even with your phone! πŸ™‚

    may i know how you went there the other time, i went st directory and see, uhh, nt very friendly.

  5. Vickie – Yes, it’s allowed. In fact, the RA might even offer to take pics for you on the scooter and such. πŸ™‚

    Erm, do u know the famous mosque at Arab Street? The museum is located in 1 of the shop-houses along that stretch.

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