. i get by with a little help from my friends .


With the most of us graduated and already in the workforce, it is no surprise that the once-upon-time meet-ups are getting less frequent as time passes. After all, everyone has their own life … Work ( many of whom often OT ), Studies, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Family, Freelance Work, Hobbies, & the list continues. Guess that’s the trade-off when everyone starts entering the workforce – Focus on making money & building our portfolio which results in lesser time and energy left for other aspects of our lives. Seriously, is that the life that we envision??!

With that thought in mind, i really do cherish those moments spent with friends – The ones who bring out the best in me … who free me of any worries or troubles, even if it’s only for that short period of time … who make me laugh like there’s no tmr … who keep me motivated, inspired and looking forward to each day.

A toast to friendships !

memories of  recent dates

holland v with gang


“Scaling New Heights in Urban Adventure”

The world’s tallest indoor Via Ferrata

Been wanting to blog about my first ever climb at the via ferrata, but somehow there have been too many other things that I have to attend to first. Finally, now’s the chance! 🙂

Some Facts about the Via Ferrata at Orchard Central

1) The world’s tallest indoor Via Ferrata
2) First of its kind in Asia
3) 30m in height ( about 5 storeys tall )
4) Rock-Climbing wall ( at the side ) is 12m high
4) Basically, Via Ferrata is Italian for “Iron Way” – a traditional mountaineering activity made famous in Europe, where people would climb the mountains that have already been fitted with cables and iron rungs.

The first thought that came cross my mind when I first saw the 30m wall was that it shouldn’t be too tough a challenge. After all, all that we had to do was to find our footing on a rock/iron rung/contours, pull ourselves up and ascend … Right? Gosh, the truth turned out to be far from my assumption. Way far, indeed.

Honestly, it was the MOST EXHAUSTING activity that I had ever done in quite awhile. Unlike rock-climbing ( which suddenly seems like a piece of cake, as compared to the via ferrata ),climbing the via ferrata also requires the participant to constantly clip & unclip the “lobster claws” carabiners to a new cable and secure the rope ( that attaches you to your partner ) to a mental fixture. On top of that, the other challenge was trying to find a footing on the wall and that was seriously no easy feat! The rocks/iron rungs were either too far apart or too high for us to reach. As such, don’t be alarm when you happen to see climbers trying to do a split in mid-air! It’s just us trying to stretch ourselves to the max, in order to secure a footing on something. In addition, it was also a test to our physical strength as we had to rely quite a fair bit on our arm muscles to constantly pull ourselves up.

Any thoughts of anxiety were totally erased from my mind. There was only 1 goal in mind … and it was to reach the summit in the fastest timing that I can. Once in the momentum, scaling up the wall became a little easier … Till it was time to transverse from the platform to my right. The tricky part was that there wasn’t any rungs/rocks that we can gain a footing on. The only option was to try find a contour in the wall, somehow squeeze my foot into the small gap as I threw myself away from the wall and onto whatever the next thing I could grab hold of. For that split second, I actually felt like I was the female equivalent of Superman lol. That I was capable of anything.

Upon reaching the summit, I was greeted not only by a bird’s eye view of the mall, but also a welcoming applause by 2 other guys who completed the climb slightly before I did. More importantly, I felt such a great sense of achievement to have stayed determined and complete the route in about 45mins.  Of course, all this wouldn’t have been quite possible without the guidance and constant encouragement from my “mountain” guides! 🙂

Lastly, just wanna tell JZ, Cherie & Christine that I’m so proud of them! JZ – for overcoming her initial fear and beating her previous record of a 2m climb. Christine – for not allowing her initial fall to deter her from climbing. & Cherie, who despite her sudden leg cramp, still gave rock-climbing a shot and she did it! 🙂

Ready to take on the challenge? Drop by Borderx now for an exhilarating experience!
To quote the GM of Borderx, All you need is a taste for adventure!”

JZ smiling for the camera, from 30m above !!!

My loves … all armed with a sense of adventure and a thirst for the thrill  🙂
Thank you for the amazing experience!

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One response to “. i get by with a little help from my friends .

  1. just a note to say.. I love you and take care =) enjoy yourself babe and keep living life to the fullest! =D so proud of you!

    the via ferrata (?) thing looks great!! haha slightly tempted to try. i mean SLIGHTLY only. haha.

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