. Introducing … The Olde Cuban .

It all began with some exploration. A hidden gem, tucked away in the busy streets of Chinatown. A place of indulgence. A place of paradise for those who seek pleasure in the art of smoking fine cigars. Obviously, Soy Hoon & I don’t quite fancy smoking, so we went down the amateur route and ordered a cuppa hot chocolate instead.

Hot cocoa on a rainy, wet day. What a perfect combination! We soon found ourselves sinking into the comfortable plush armchairs as we lean back to listen to the Cuban music that was played in the background. Let the good times roll. Such an irony that it was the 2 of us , both of whom are absolutely clueless about cigars, who unexpectedly made our way into this cozy cafe – home to Singapore’s largest walk-in humidor!


Fine Tobacconist

2 Trengganu Street


Snapshots of the moment

To 1 of my best friend:

“How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.”

Always, my partner-in-crime. Looking forward to more fun-filled dates with you soon, darl.  🙂


One response to “. Introducing … The Olde Cuban .

  1. oh babe! i like the camera!

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