. 1 way ticket to Land of Horror .

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Night Safari “The Return of Halloween Horrors


“In a forest not too far away, a group of tormented souls never lived to tell their tales. Every October, when the gates of hell open, they wander out with full vengeance, haunting all who dare set foot in their bloody woods. Be warned of a night of thrills and fear – where terror rides and uninvited guests will scare the living daylights out of you.”

Night Safari Halloween
Night Safari Halloween 3

Night Safari Halloween 2

Spooktacular at Cherlynn’s Place


Deja Vu?
Take a look at my outfit and you’ll soon realized that Im an outfit offender – for wearing the same outfit twice in a row. Apparently, it’s a fashion disaster to wear a repeated outfit for an occasion, especially Halloween! However, getting the most mileage out of my purchase was on the top of my mind. Joked to a couple of my friends that they will probably see me wearing the exact outfit again, next year. Always a Geisha Girl. WATCH OUT FOR THIS SPACE IN 2010 !!!

Anyway, Cherlynn babe & I would like to sincerely thank all of you who turned up for the party! ( especially Soy Hoon, who helped us since mid-afternoon. I love you, dear. Thank You so much. )  Having to organize the bulk of the gatherings with friends/cliques is already time-consuming enough, but being a host just takes hell lot more effort & time. That’s the reason as to why I didn’t have a 21st Bdae party lol. Truth to be told, the both of us had great plans & ideas to ensure that the party was one that the guests wouldn’t forget. Unfortunately, lack of time and preparation became our greatest enemies as we realized that we didn’t have sufficient time to prepare the scary Halloween food that we originally planned for. ( Decaying Mouth, Scary eyeballs, Floating Hand Punch, Wormy Fruit Punch, etc).  =(   Kinda disappointing, to say the least. Nonetheless, 2 thumbs-up for the decorations! 🙂  So proud of my hard work. *Ego* Hope that everyone had their share of fun, in 1 way or another. Till’ Halloween 2010.

31st combine
31st combine 2
31st combine 4
Cherlynn and her best pals.  =)

cherlynn's bdae!
Halloween 7 e

The neighbourhood kids went TRICK or TREAT – ing.  How adorable?!

Oops, Superman’s red undies are a little too big for our darling boy here. Nonetheless, he remains as the Cutie of the Night.  🙂

So enthralled by the Halloween kids, that even the grown ups wanted to be part of the gang !
Compare & Contrast: Our pumpkins pale in comparison to theirs’.

Halloween 15
IMG_5428 e
The Angry Ghost descending the dark, lonely staircase.

IMG_5432 e

Time for Awards

Most Original Costume


Very Cute. Check out the Honey Pot !


Sexiest Lady in the House

Darn. Doesn’t Soy looks fabulous with her grey fringe, sparkling green nails and ultra figure-hugging bodysuit?

HOT !!!

soy, the sexy beyonce
31st combine 3

My Favourite Trio !!!

It was so hilarious seeing Rach & Wendy trying on the fugly masks & garbage bags that we laughed like there’s no tomorrow.

Halloween 20

Lastly, not forgetting my Halloween Partner-In-Crime 2008 & 2009.

Cherlynn !

All of these wouldn’t have happened, had it not been for you & your enthusiasm. Up for more, next year?

31st combine 5
Halloween 12 e


3 responses to “. 1 way ticket to Land of Horror .

  1. awww sweetie you rock! =) i’m up for more halloween-ness nx year but I think both of us are gonna be SOOOO busy!! we might have to start planning like MONTHS in advance, haha. but hey, this experience definitely taught us what to expect/prepare next time so we’ll see =)

    I’m so glad you added a pic from last year =) This year was an awful lot of fun too! ❤ ❤ Your decorations definitely lived up the atmosphere LOADS (and my speakers kinda FAILED haha)

    All in all, it was great fun and I ❤ you babe =D

    • Of course, I have an archive of pics that we took in UB. You have no idea how much I missed those carefree days…

      Next yr.. In the event that we are too busy ( read: Busy Career Ladies. Haha), we can always stick to clubs! Should be fun too 🙂 And we still get to dress up, just no recycling of outfits the next time round lol.

      Loves! Meet u and Ann soon!

  2. hehes sure thing!! yea!! we’re meeting up soon, i’m so glad! =D

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