. birthday celebration for the boy .

The day when we were first introduced to each other, through our mutual friend. It was then his 21st birthday, where his best pals had him hand-cuffed ( handcuffs from a sex shop lol) and engaged in S&M with 21 female strangers. Now, don’t get any dirty thoughts into that mind of yours… What I meant was him getting spanked with a whip by 21 random ladies. All in the name of harmless fun. KINKY. We drank, danced and grind to the beat of the music at ZOUK. And, the highlight of the night? Me puking over his arm. What a fantastic first impression, huh? 18/10/08. Separated by distance, I was in USA while he was half way across the globe, in Singapore. Nevertheless, with the help of good, old fashioned snail-mail, I managed to surprise him with a series of unexpected gifts!
So you might ask … what’s planned for 2009?


A place, where we were treated to a spectacular view of the city skyline & marina bay views. All in the comfort of our room, at the 56th floor of the tallest hotel in Singapore, Swissotel- The Stamford.

city views
Aerial snap shots of the city, using my minuscule Nico Digi Camera.

Where the sea meets the sky. The tiny boats/ships that dot the surface of the sea. What a picturesque sight!


Romance, by the river side

Al fresco dining @ Sizzling Rock

A birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete, without a dinner date. For this special occasion, we decided to put our free dining vouchers, which we won in the couples’ race earlier this year, to good use. The dinner for two started off with a cold dish of mango prawns, topped with a dash of thousand island dressing & half a dozen of buttery escargots. For entrΓ©es – [The guy] Succulent tenderloin with large prawns & [The girl] Tender Sirloin with fried scallops. Both dishes come with baked potato and salad for sides.

To top it off, the restaurant manager was attentive to details which made our dining experience even more so memorable. Good food, with a wonderful view.

sizzling rock

IMG_5202 e
IMG_5208 ee
IMG_5210 e

Taking the Plunge

Swim or Sink. That was the decision that MK had to make, when faced with a challenge to face 1 of his fears. Taking the plunge to ride the ultimate bungy ( in Singapore lol ) G-MAX. Acrophobia. Well, my initial plan was to take up the bundle package and get him to ride both the G-MAX & GX5 XTREME SWING at one shot. Said to be the “fastest & most thrilling bungy in the world”, the G-MAX shoots the ball 60m in the air and, at max speed of 200kph … sounds just like the ideal ride ( at least in Singapore ) to get him to face up & overcome his fear of heights. No chance of breaking out in a cold sweat anymore, MK!

That’s bound to be something to make him remember his 23rd Bdae for life =)

Truth to be told, the G-MAX ride was alright. At least, in my opinion. That’s not to say that the ride wasn’t thrilling… It sure felt exhilarating to experience up to 5 g-force but something about roller coasters still excites me more! After all, the extreme G-MAX experience lasted only for a couple of seconds … too fast to even register the fact that I had even sat for the ride. Next !!! Im up for a real bungee jump and sky-diving. Bring it on!Β  πŸ™‚

taking the plunge

Magnificent Night Views

spectacular night views

Dancing in the moonlight

Electrical Lights

With dazzling city lights like these, it is almost impossible for the both of us , despite being amateurs , not to play around with our cameras. Colourful swirls of lights. Light beams. Blurred Motions. Multi-colour streaks. Rays. Blurred prismatic swirls of light. Visual Orgasm.

electric lights

This has got to be my favorite attempted artistic pic of the night. By employing slow shutter speeds to overlap two different frames, I managed to visually “relocate” the Singapore Flyer to be above the Esplanade. Setting the camera shutter at a slower speed also allowed me to capture the stunning lighting in the vicinity, thus creating sorta movements & motions in the picture. Just sth very amateur, though I’m still proud of my attempt.



Happy 23rd Birthday, my boy.

Ever Ours.

IMG_5220 love


5 responses to “. birthday celebration for the boy .

  1. omg! this is so sweet & romantic, esp the last picture πŸ™‚ Happy for you πŸ™‚

    • Thanks babe πŸ™‚ Oh well, I missed his last bdae so gotta do a special one for him this year… right? Haha. I love the last pic too, self-timer is amazing.

  2. So sweet..happy anniversary to u guys..
    been stalking ur blog lately..great posts πŸ™‚

    • Haha. Thanks!!! πŸ™‚
      It’s nice to know that you enjoy the posts. Btw, I saw your email … will work on a post on the digi cam, just a matter of time. :p im a well-known procrastinator! Haha.

  3. self-timer? you put the camera on the ledge? happy for you steph, what a blissful life πŸ™‚

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