. soy-a-thon .

Dates with my beloved Soy H, who is always spontaneous enough for any impromptu activities!


Sexy Magic, Urban Illusions

A night of sizzling magic & celebration

Attended the much-raved about magic show performance by illusionist duo – Magic Babe Ning & JC SUM. Courtesy of MK, who got both Soy & I free tickets. The gig at St James was a preview/teaser to their performance at the same venue, in Jan’10. My review? To keep it short, the duo entertained with their stunning & dramatic illusion acts. Instead of placing too much emphasis on production value, such as having theatrical props or dazzling lightnings), the duo chose to connect with their audience on a more personal level by engaging their audience with their affable personalities. Im kinda ( & still am) a skeptic when it comes to magic, because I honestly don’t believe in its existence but I gonna give them the thumb-ups for putting up such an entertaining & highly sexy performance.

It was also a night of celebration as both illusionist were presented the prestigious Merlin Awards, for winning the Original Illusionist of the Year & Original Female Illusionist of the Year, by none other than the CEO of the International Magician Society, Mr Tony Hassini. A truly remarkable feat, considering that they are the first Asians ( and Singaporeans!!! ) to win such an award. Cheers!!!

On a side note, I got to admit that I was pretty much enthralled by Magic Babe Ning’s charisma ( lesbo tendencies? haha ), for she exudes lots of confidence and oozes sex appeal, which definitely made the show even more so entertaining. That babe definitely has a certain X-FACTOR man. Watch out for their show in Jan!

* All pics credit to Ning’s Magic Diaries

magic show 2
magic show 1
Youtube Video of their “World Record 15 Illusions in 5 mins”


I Survived All Shapes

where size doesn’t matter

Organized by All Shapes Ladies’ Fitness Centre & supported by both the Breast Cancer Foundation & Singapore Heart Foundation, “I Survived All Shapes” aerobathon is a charity event that aims to promote healthy living amongst Singaporeans. In the name of health, Soy darling & I decided to pick up the challenge of pushing ourselves to a 2 hours NON-STOP session of “bootcamp”. Where we participated in a series of dynamic exercises such as Bolly Jolly, Body Sculpting, Kickboxing before ending it off with Power Stretch.

About 1hr into the session, we were both not only drenched in perspiration, but also panting from sheer exhaustion. Honestly, it was no kid having to work out under the scorching sun, when the weather was insanely hot ( im not giving any excuses, but the weather was truly unbearable!!! ). For a moment, my vision went completely blank and I felt as if I was in a daze as I wasn’t really able to analyze whatever that was happening around me. In fact, it almost seemed as if the world around me was spinning in circles & that i could not get a grip of myself. I only managed to snap out of the daze once I sat down & bent my head down to get the blood circulated to my head. That wasn’t the first time that I had experienced an incident like this … In fact, such almost-fainting spells usu. occurred when Im in the midst of my period, so the likely reason for that should be due to low blood pressure & dehydration. Scary. To sum it up, the mass aerobathon was quite taxing but boy, was I proud to have completed it. I survived, for the most of it anyway!

As a gesture to thank us for participating in this activity, All Shapes is offering us a 1 month trial membership at its Fitness Centre. It’s a sign – to get me to exercise & it’s free. However, it’s at Joo Chiat!!! So freakin’  far from both my house & workplace ( which is now, a 2mins bus ride away. Lucky!). The motivation to head to the gym to exercise is slowly, but surely, diminishing. Now, that’s an excuse.

i survived all shapes 2

i survived all shapes


Part 2: Butterfly House

where the exploration continues

The Butterfly House @ 23 Amber Road intrigues me to no end. Having seen, from pictures, just how majestic the back of the house looks like, I pestered ( successfully! ) Soy to accompany me, after the aerobathon, to the house so that I can have a glimpse of the significant “butterfly wings” architecture. True indeed, the backyard looks a lot more impressive than the front. Guess that the distinctive crescent arch, floor-to-ceiling window panels & neo-Renaissance style play a huge role in creating the impression. Now, all that remains is an empty shell with an overgrown & unkempt garden.

As I looked around the outer surroundings, it was hard to imagine that this very place used to be a beach front house … and that the road where I stood was once the seashore. Taking a step closer to the house, I can’t help but to feel a lil’ spooked by the eerie vibe given off by the house. Yes, despite being in broad daylight. Was I being paranoid? Im sure I was, as usual.

A glance at its grounds indicated signs of renovation being in the works. So, as with a lot of historical buildings, I wouldn’t be surprised that the next time I visit, all that remain would probably be just the front potion.

– The land, where the sea once met the shore. Now, it’s all reclaimed land. –





5 responses to “. soy-a-thon .

  1. stephie dear, you’re a inspiration honey.
    adventures A N Y T I M E, Okay?
    cya on de halloween~!

  2. the butterfly house looks pretty babe! looks like somewhere i should go check out ! i missed you during oli’s bday celebration. we should meet up on one on one for a nice girly chat. miss you ~

    • u shld go check it out soon, babe. before the house gets torn down to make way for yet another condo. getting a little too crowded with all the upcoming condo developments!

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