. moove love .

Time to get spotted

“Invasion of the Yellow Polka Dotted COWS”

It is virtually impossible for anyone to miss the sights of the various, brightly-coloured yellow polka dotted cows frolicking throughout green landscapes, island-wide. For those who do not notice the existence of these colourful cows, you must be either living in the cave for the past couple of years or not take the time to enjoy the sights of sg. For those who do, have you ever thought of owning 1 of these lovable cows? Of course, through legal means … & not stealing, like what some cheapo people do. If so, then here’s a piece of great news for those who are avid fans of these moove cows! You can now, bring home a piece of your favorite cow !!!

Moove Love is a 3 month long charity campaign till 31st Dec, targeting to raise $100K for The Home Nursing Foundation ( beneficiary: needy elderly ) through sales of Moove Love merchandises. Be a collector & get a piece of the signature personality cow in different forms: Badges, Pilot Ballpoint Pens, Tissue Boxes, and even, Stamps.

Now, the question is: Are you COOL? ROCK? SEXY? CRAZY? FUN?

moove media badges 1
moove media badges



Thumbs up to Moove Media for coming up with such an ingenuous marketing plan to raise funds for their adopted charity. Doing my tiny bit to “moo” for charity, I purchased a handful of the badges (RSP: $2), which I thought were ideal as gifts, for my colleagues. To: The ones who make the start of my working journey so darn enjoyable & fun. Seeing that all badges are wrapped in opaque packaging, one would thus not know what she gets till she tears open the packaging… so, it’s kind of like a “pick & guess” sort of thrill.

The SEXY.CRAZY.FUN bunch with their new personalities !

steph. zhennan.

moove words 1FUN
wai mun. jingwei.

moove words 2CRAZY
serene. victor.

moove words 3

zn's surprise!

The view that ZN wakes up to, every morning.
Lucky Bastard.  =P




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