. get set, SNAP! .

New gadget alert


My latest indulgence – the Nico Digi lomo camera. Weighing only 85g & with dimensions of L60mm x H38mm x W20mm, the Nico Digi is no bigger than my palm. In fact, it comes in a form of a keychain, so say HI to the new pocket camera in the house. Despite its miniature size, the Nico Digi is still pretty functional as it is able to take videos, on top of just pictures. Only complaint is that it’s a high light camera, meaning that the camera lacks of the ability to take clear & vivid shots when night falls/in a dark room. All in all, Im pretty excited to try out my new gadget. Camera in a pocket.



* credit to flickr.com

nico digi - snap shots

Nico Digi flickr

4 responses to “. get set, SNAP! .

  1. looks cute!! where did you get it from? bring it along the next time we meet up!!

  2. haha. yea, well… the miniature size played a HUGE factor in tempting me to the camera lol :p when are we meeting babe? msg me 🙂

  3. Hi there..Blog walking 🙂

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