. Let’s hear it from F1 ROCKS .

Belated Blog Entries

Met up with the girls for a Do-It-Yourself dinner at Ion. Similar to the concept of Pepper Lunch, where you get to stir-fry & whip up a decent meal. The truth is out! As much as I would like to admit that I enjoy cooking, the ugly truth is that Im so horrible at it, that the waitress had to grab the spoon from me and save my dish from being undercooked. There you have it – such a simple task, and I still wasn’t able to do it. Im hopeless when it comes to cooking & being in the kitchen. You have no choice but to be the cook of the house next time, MK.

DSCF1304 e
Better to just stick to enjoying the donuts .

donuts heaven 1
DSCF1310 e
DSCF1312 e
DSCF1313 e


Timbre Music Present Kinestasia

@ The Arts House

An evening of cocktails ( & mocktails ) & gossip over at a swanky restaurant along the river promenade. All ladies dressed in black. Black is still IN, babes. A fusion of the loud “vroom” engine sounds of the F1 racing motorcars & live band music playing popular hits, in the background. Beneath the girl talk & laughter, each had a secret & story to tell.

The girls introduced me to this drinking game ( i confess … i grew up, without playing such games. My usual choices are the typical board & card games. Bring me to any games cafe & I’ll head home, a happy adult ). Being totally new to it, I acted like a compete retard … and because the game was supposed to be extremely fast-paced, my hands actually shivered due to excitement. To add a little oomph to it, Camy suggested that we pair up and that the losing team will have to perform a forfeit for each round ( terrible suggestion, imo. Im never exactly that sporting when it comes to embarrassing forfeits – eg. asking a guy for a kiss or performing a tap dance in a crowded public place ). True enough, my lack of practice made whatever team that I was in, lose almost consecutively.

Some of the forfeits were, thankfully, more tame like eating drumsticks drenched in alcohol ( im a foodie so bring it on! ) & kissing juls on the lips in public ( the only other 2 girls whom i shared a kiss with were, coincidentally, Olivia & Camy back during those wild, partying days). Most humiliating? Where both juls & I had to act like compete bimbos and pretend that we didn’t know that Sg was hosting the inaugural F1 Night Race. And of all people, we had to question the F1 crew as to why there were so many race cars around and what was the big event that was happening over the wkend. The security guard stared at us, from head-to-toe … probably thinking that we wanted to flirt with them in order to get free passes to watch the F1 or sth. So degrading. Im never gonna participate in forfeits again.

timbre arts hse
DSCF1333 e

timbre arts hse 2
timbre arts hse 1

Zhong Xun’s 22nd Birthday Chalet

Been almost 2yrs since I last met up with most of my JC classmates ( my bad.)  … so, going for zx’s bdae chalet celebration was some sort of a reunion for the few us, albeit a really short one as Kris babe & I had to rush off earlier. Nevertheless, it proved to be a good catch-up session. It’s a week of learning new games and this time round, zx & his pals introduced us to “Saboteur”. Trust me, it’s so much easier to be bad & evil … we played 6 rounds of saboteur, and with each round, the evil always triumphed over the good.

IMG_4975 e
IMG_4976 e

F1 ROCKS Singapore …

the night starring DJ Havana Brown, Black Eyed Peas & Beyonce !!!

Groove in the Fast Lane

Thanks to MK baby, we got free VIP tickets to watch F1 ROCKS. Awesome shit. However, our dear friend here – Zuls – brought us to the wrong entrance and we ended up, having to hike through Fort Canning Park ( with its many flights of stairs) for the next 20mins. Boy, did we had such a workout that by the time we reached there, both guys were drenched in perspiration. Walking in killer heels didn’t exactly do my feet any good either. Let’s just say that Im in desperate need for a foot reflexology.

Well, the VIP treatment. A laid back girl like me, definitely, felt out of place in the lounge where the wealthy, famous & gorgeous partied. I swear that I have never ever, in my entire life, seen so many hot & stunning babes & hunks in just 1 night. Everywhere that I looked, all that I saw were extremely sexy & beautiful ladies dressed in their branded dresses & killer heels, showing off their endless legs … and hot hunks who looked like they have an amazing body to boot, underneath those clothes. Yummy!! Haha. An absolute visual feast for my eyes. Sad to say, Im 1 of those irritating people who find Westerners & Eurasians more attractive than Asians … and the F1 ROCKS VIP lounge was more than half-occupied with western expats. Being a much-hyped event, you can be sure that celebrity-spotting is inevitable. Spotted local celebs like Andrea Fonseka ( superbly beautiful! and she dances well too. ), Nadya Hutagalung ( very elegant ), DJ Ross ( funky) , Pierre Png ( As handsome as seen on TV ) & some of the contestants from the latest season of Singapore Idol ( never a fan, so I can’t be bothered).

While I’m so thankful for this rare opportunity to experience a world that’s so unlike of mine, I gotta admit that parties like this are a little too atas for my liking. Sure, it looks very glamorous and I think it’s a glitzy lifestyle that most could only dream of. Undeniably, it’s a lifestyle I do dream of having once in awhile too. However, I suppose that at the end of the day, it aint my scene & that I would be more contented with a simpler life. Besides, when it came to shaking our booty & grooving to the beat of the music, the 4 of us would very much rather head down to the lawn to join the crowd in the madness. Frankly, I stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of the crowd that appeared to be too posh & refined to let their hair down to groove or jive. lol.

IMG_5013 E
IMG_5014 E
IMG_5015 E

F1 ROCKS is climbing the chart of being 1 of my most memorable moments of 2009. Despite having a good & unblocked view of the stage at The Legends, we were however, pretty far away and so, the entertainers looked more like tiny figurines. Nonetheless, BEP & Beyonce totally rocked the stage with their dazzling performances. Accompanied by their strong entourage, astounding lighting effects & mind-blowing dance, I , along with the rest of the crowd, were blown over by their high-energy & electrifying gigs. Performances that whipped the crowd into a frenzy and wanting for more. Fans, of all ages , readily lapped it all up.

What can I say? The F1 ROCKS extravaganza certainly offered a refreshing sense of excitement, thus turning Singapore into an even more vibrant entertainment hub. Can’t wait for another rockin’ great time – same time, next year.
please don’t stop the music.

F1 ROCKS - Beyonce
To MK, Zuls & Samantha – whose company made the night even more incredible !!!

IMG_5019 E


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  1. hello. May i know whr did you get ur hair cut?


  2. hey!

    i patronize a neighborhood salon at khatib. you can ask for nicole at 68520019. close on mondays. $14 for a haircut, without wash. hope it helps 🙂

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