. pls turn back the time .

We love our pets. And what simpler way to show them our affection than to give them big kisses on World Animal Day ?”
– Pets Corner –

To celebrate World Animals Day,  CATS Classified Pets Corner organized a “Kisses Please” contest to encourage readers to submit pics of them kissing their pets and vice-verse. Looking through my photo archives, I came across THE perfect, candid pic of Archie licking the tip of my nose and so, with nothing to lose, I asked MK to submit the pic in for the contest. Best that can happen – Ours is a winning piece & we’ll walk away with pet store vouchers. awesome! Worst – For our pic to be published and have our “not 15 mins but 15 secs” of fame LOL. Unfortunately, we woke up on Sun morning, only to see that our pic wasn’t even published in the papers. 😦  Would be lying if I were to say that we weren’t disappointed.

Luck seems to hit when you least expect it. Thus, imagine our absolute delight when MK received a call earlier from CATS, notifying him that ours was indeed a winning picture. However, the management had already chosen the winning pictures prior to the deadline and so, our pic didn’t make it in time for the final cut. 😦  Nonetheless, it was very professional of them to call and apologize for the blunder. If only we manage to submit the pic earlier … too late for regrets now. On a good note, they did mention that there’s a likelihood that they might need to use the pic for other references in future, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for that 🙂

Our Kisses Please !!! Winning Picture

that didn’t make it to the final cut
What a pity !

archie,kiss me!


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