. old friends & new dates .

The MINI motorcars, in all its glory.
Don’t underestimate.
The little car that packs a punch.
My future mode of transport! Ha.

mini 2nd editon 1
mini 2nd editon 2


A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~Lois Wyse

claire darling

. 18mths & 2 overseas exchange trips later, the girls meet up for a juicy catch-up session .

2 overseas trips – 1 to Buffalo, USA & the other to France –  later, the 3 of us finally managed to arrange for a suitable time for a great albeit short birthday celebration!  After such a long break, it’s no doubt that the list of talking points was endless. Both Sok & I revel in 1k’s fascinating stories of living in France for a month … somehow, stories of traveling escapades never fail to keep me captivated. Lucky girl stayed in the  region that plays the homage to champagne – the province of La Champagne. Known for its scenic views of rolling countrysides, countless vineyards & greenery, you can probably say that 1k perfected the art of living, even if it’s just temporarily. The fabled land of excellent champagne gave her taste buds a chance to feast on the different bubbly champagne, wine, cheese & bread. An authentic French experience.

A trip to Paris is an absolute must, if anyone were to visit France … expectedly, the glittering  lights & array of Paris monuments await her. Apparently, the stereotype of some of the Parisians being unfriendly/unapproachable to those who can’t speak French remains as the truth (according to 1k). A shopping paradise for all shopaholics, 1k found herself , like many other females, falling into the irresistible lure of designer goods as she signed her card on 2 expensive purchases – 2 Longchamp bags. Why ain’t I surprised?

One thing that we both agreed on, was that we often find ourselves dumbfounded whenever someone asked about our overseas trips. It’s freaking difficult to summarize all the fantastic memories that we had into words, lines & paragraphs.


happy 22nd, 1k

Loving the new, low-cut back LBD. Oozes sexiness.

IMG_4897 e

Speaking of overseas exchange trips, Kenneth is the next one to fly to la-la land! Boy here is leading the charming life, 1 that the most of us can only dream of. First pitstop would be UK and he obviously doesn’t plan to do much studying when he’s there. Instead, it’s gonna be Europe on a Budget. The places on his must-visit list include Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain ( someone’s a huge fan of ZARA!!! Party Hard in Ibiza man. ), France ( in time for romantic Christmas. Go get a Winter fling! ) & Germany ( in time for Oktoberfest 2009!!! Be ready for a potbelly lol. ). J.E.A.L.O.U.S.  Come Feb 2010, he’ll be taking another flight to LA for his international competition, where he’s gonna represent Sg. Home to Hollywood, celebrities & paparazzi. Flying all around the world. Life’s unfair.  Hrmph.

IMG_4912 e

Soaking in the live band music

TGIF. A reprieve from work. The few of us ( excluding ZN, who always can’t make it last min! You’re soooo screwed! Next dinner outing is on your tab. ) chilled at Timbre @ Substation after work. Indulged in the heavenly thin-crusted pizzas – Duck & Spicy Tandoori Chicken – , spicy buffalo wings ( BUFFALO!), Calamari and drinks. A non-stop LAUGHING session. Having seen many working adults who hang out after work at restaurants/bars when I was still in school, I thus grew up with this hope that one day, I can be more than just colleagues with my colleagues. Thought that it would be pretty cool to chill out with colleagues after work & have a ball of fun together. To let our hair down & chat about anything under the sun, other than work please. As such, I gotta count my blessings to have the 5 of them as my fellow MTs … Work Hard, Play Hard.

We have a line of proposed activities – 1st & most important, S & I are gonna force the rest to club with us at Butter soon. In lieu to promote healthier lifestyle & not let work affect our well-being, we talked ( talk only, no guarantee action! Esp when it comes to exercise. ) about getting together to cycle and play a game of badminton where the GUYS will face-off with the GIRLS. V even suggested that we start training for 5kmn-10km runs, so that we can participate in runs together ( like the Nike Human Race or SC Run )… ERM, aiyayayah. Not so sure about that lol. However, Im ALOT more interested about us heading to Bintan for a short vacation. Seeing that there might be a change of plans in our work schedule, that might not be feasible now. :/ Yes, Im desperate to travel. Needs of A Desperado.

DSCF1285 e
DSCF1286 e


Ministry of Food Addicts

Sat was spent with my SIM darlings. Unfortunately, dark clouds & heavy downpour spoiled our initial plan of spending a sunny day, cycling & exploring Sentosa. 😦  Hence, we stick to the usual long lunch date. Seeing that the bulk of our lives revolve around work, the topic of jobs & work inevitably became the topic of the meal. The no. 1 sub-topic – Work-related Complaints. Theory X Management Style, where the manager has a huge TV screen in his office to keep tab of what his employees are doing ( how horrible!!! Where’s the sense of personal privacy or space… Right?). Boredom at work; being given unchallenging tasks to do. Stress and pressure to meet deadlines. Overworked & overtime. Sounds like everyone misses being a student again. Currently, I don’t have much complaints about my job yet … Being a MT allows me to enjoy the honeymoon phase. But as we all know, the stress will definitely set in someday soon. Gotta enjoy the freedom while it lasts.

May I also mention that I ♥♥♥  Jocelyn’s ‘job’ – being a traveler. That girl has since been to Japan ( for a million times! So, if there’s anyone who needs travel tips about Japan, pls find Joc. She’s the Japan expert and speaks fluent Japanese. ) & is heading to China & Taiwan soon. Not wanting to stick to the usual “let’s go have a meal” date, the few of us also suggested a couple of exciting & fun activities for the upcoming months. Lazertron. Adventure Obstacle Course, similar to that in OBS ( where tiny, little Loisa is gonna be our instructor as she’s the only 1 who is certified. Unfortunately for her, all of us have our doubts lol. You can’t even support any of us with the harness system; our weight will shoot you into the skies instead. HAHAHA. ) Cable-ski in Batam ( Flex those arm muscles, babes!) . Let’s make those plans work out, babes! No excuses. Wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer!

DSCF1287 e
DSCF1290 e


Met up with MK baby after the date with the girls. If you recall, my colleagues & I went crazy over the “Catch A Toy from Sesame Street” machine a month ago. Back then, as much as we wanted to catch a Big Bird toy, luck wasn’t on our side and we found ourselves with 5 Elmos & 1 Cookie Monster. This time round, MK & I got not 1 but 3 tiny big birds ( what an irony! ) and 1 cock-eyed cookie monster disguised as a fish!

The gaming store was ridiculously crowded on a Sat evening … couples, youngsters & a few ah peks ( who obviously look like they spend hrs there each day playing those games. Something which I can never understand. Can’t be the stuff toy prizes, right?? ), spending their money on these machines. We even spotted a couple who won like, 10 or so “My Melody” toys … 10!!! And you would have thought that they would end their winning streak at half a dozen. Sounds like it’s all in the game of cheap thrill, but damm .. those machines are money-suckers. Expensive thrill. I used to think it was stupid and plain silly of people to waste their money away on such novelty … I eat back all my negative opinions of them, for Im finding myself becoming 1 of them. Like a drug addiction.

The novelty of playing a mindless game to win prizes.

winning big bird
Our expensive wins !!!

DSCF1300 e


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