. nothing better to do? go for a haircut! .

. Where the crowning glory is concerned .
Hair Matters

What’s the deal with women and their hair ? Honestly, as much as I ♥ my crowning glory, I however have to admit that Im a stingy bitch when it comes to hair expenditure. Just the professional trim once every 4-6mths & DIY hair-dye ( yes, im THAT cheapskate! ) are all the hair beauty enhancements that i indulge in. Nevertheless, daily conditioning and bi-weekly DIY hair treatment/mask are essential. Yet, lately the reflection that’s staring back at moi in the mirror is starting to bore me. In other words, Im simply bored & tired of looking at the same old, same old self in the mirror. 😦   It’s a well-known fact that many ladies change their hairstyles at the drop of a hat but Im always an exception to that … in fact, I have been accused of having the same hairstyle since secondary school lol!  Boring Steph. For some women, a change in hairstyle could indicate a change of direction in life and goals … the adding of another dimension to life. Superficial enhancement to make us feel good. Come to think of it, the statement could very well be true … after all, i’ve been feeling as if Im kinda stuck in a rut, temporarily sucked into a world of negativity lately… so perhaps, a slight change to my hair would help in rejuvenating me.

Being a 0% risk-taker when it comes to my tresses, I would say that the only action of “change” that I’ve ever done to my hair so far is to dye it (which is so bloody common). Even then, I often opt for safer choices, such as the different shades of brown or jet black. I once dyed my hair to the shade of reddish-brown ( my SIM friends would know! ), and only to have 1 of my guy friend commenting that it’s an auntie colour! =(    So, you can probably understand the reason behind my apprehension. Here’s the hairstyle that I’ve since forever … the typical long hair with side, sweeping fringe.

IMG_4864 e
IMG_4875 e

Slight change of look : With Bangs !!!

Nah, unfortunately … Im just not daring enough to do something bombastic like, perm an afro or settle for a short, stylish & tousled hairdo or go all 1920’s with the famous bobbed hairstyle. NOT YET, anyway. Instead, I opted for the safe option of having less heavy bangs. Yea, seems like I just jumped onboard the “bangs” bandwagon. Lack of courage has forbidden me to take a deeper plunge into more drastic changes. Question is, “Am I happy with this new hairdo? ” Frankly, im not quite comfortable with this look yet as it’s been ages since i had fringe like this. To  make up for the awkwardness, I do pin up my short fringe once in awhile to “cushion” the effects.  Oh boy, i better not have any regrets.   One step down, where do I go from here?

Barely Concealed Narcissism

IMG_4902 e
IMG_4900 e
IMG_4910 e


3 responses to “. nothing better to do? go for a haircut! .

  1. Woo. You look pretty Steph!

    Do u know who is Holly Jean? Hahaha.. The first pic with bangs, you look alil like her.. *weewheet*

  2. Yea, I read Holly Jean’s blog occasionally too! She’s in S-Factor right? Finally, 18th Sept’s about to come … let’s do a whole day outing! So far, everyone has confirmed their attendance… hurray!

  3. hey you look great still 🙂

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