. quick update .

What’s up during work ?

A bunch of working adults, fresh from university, hanging out at the arcade in-between meetings. I call it a case of ‘deprived childhood’ lol… somehow, the arcade managed to work its magic in making us re-live those worry-free days that we had as a child. Our new addiction to those “catch-a-toy” machine!

fun after work
Where Serene kicked Jingwei’s ass in a game of air hockey!


Fugitives Fleurs

@ the Gallery

Event Details: The artist explores the floral fragment as a vector of emotion, time and identity. In her images, she tries to capture the emotions and impressions of that moment, rather than the sense of its loss. Photographing her subjects at the peak of their beauty, her pictures evoke a poignancy relating to the transient yet cyclical nature of life.

Something to share: ” Lyrical Memoirs: A Kernel of poetic detachments”
. By Ho. Leng & written by Fezz Hoo .

“I like sitting by the car window while travelling on the road. Every sight is like a moving image. There is something about driving a long country highway, where you can see the clear skies, vast landscapes, roaming wild animals and urban freeways; as if the earth stops turning the way it is supposed to – that releases me. Anything passes by – stops the inertia for an instant. For a moment, a space, a breath, I am not responsible. This is pure escapism, just watching by the window and feeling the subtle vibration of the engine rattles through my legs. I’d felt like a child again. Whenever the landmark changes, I see a different scene, and it spurs my mood. Sometimes I feel momentarily detached when a scene brings back memories of despair, other times anticipating for the unexpected. Like a wanting to experience of what comes next after the horizon – like keep going forward. Keep moving on.”


gallery floral exhibition
gallery floral exhibition 1

Dinner @ Tampop, Liang Court

IMG_4675 edited
IMG_4677 ee


Pink Dolphin Charity Heritage Walk

It was one of the rare moments when I felt like moving my ass & waking up early on a Sun morning … and so, off we went for the Charity Heritage Walk, organized by Yeo’s. Taking a short walk along the Singapore River & across several bridges ( Elgin, Read & Ord ), we were also briefed on the stories behind the historically-rich area surrounding Clarke Quay. As you probably know, Clarke Quay was never the bustling, fashionable nightspot that it is nowadays. About more than a decade ago, it was a touristy spot that was a hit amongst many people with its many souvenir & antique shops as well as, weekly flea market. I could even vaguely remember being thrilled at taking the Disney-style water-based ride, called the Clarke Quay Adventure. Sounds familiar? If Im not mistaken, there were VERY FEW rides like this back in my childhood days ( old already sia! ) … The only other exciting rides ( that I can recall ) were  probably both the Flume Ride & Slow Boat through the ’10 Courts of Hell’ at Haw Par Villa ( used to love to visit both HPV & the now-defunct Tangs Dynasty). Speaking of which, I just got an idea of where to head to for our next wkend destination!

. Vanishing Trades .

yeo's heritage walk 2
yeo's heritage walk 1
So blessed to have a lover who shares the same interest in trying out different activities. =)
. Times of Our Life, Together.

Jump. Jump. JUMP !!!
Look at my constipated facial expression & shitting position.
Super un-glamorous.

jump jump!
A walk around the estate with 2 of my darlings, on a lazy weekend afternoon. Finding beauty in a simple luxury. That’s Archie’s BFF in the first pic – a tiny chihuahua. Probably, the only dog that doesn’t bark at Archie upon first sight … so frankly, Archie doesn’t have much of a chance to choose his doggy pals.

walking archie!
A love affair with my beloved Archie.

archie, beloved 1
archie, beloved
IMG_4807 e


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  1. WHOAAAA!! Archie is so big now!

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