. things that make me smile .

Do not ask to have your life’s load lightened;

ask for courage to endure.

Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life;

ask for patience to accept frustration.

Do not ask for perfection in all you do;

ask for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes.

And finally do not ask for more before saying “Thank you”

for what you have already received.”

– Unknown –


Small, Little Things that make me Smile

“Archie, 4 months ago”

The tiny bundle of joy that unexpectedly came into our lives. The boy that made 2 young adults who were just about to start working officially to re-evaluate their decision of not having a dog. The boy that opened my mind, to finally understand that mongrels are no less inferior than pedigrees … and also, my heart, to fall in love with mongrels and truly feel the joy of having a doggy companion. Many have said that Archie is indeed very fortunate to have us, for there are so many abandoned dogs out there that need shelter and love. Yet, if I were to think about it, there is no denying that we have been so blessed to have Archie.

008 cute

027 crop
024 crop

025 crop

“Archie, Today”

4 months later, Archie is now the “baby” of the family. The boy that brought about as much laughter, as he did with headaches. Taking care of a boisterous puppy is no walk in the park … just look at the amount of chew toys that he managed to destroy. Usually, within days. Oh, did I also fail to mention that he ran off TWICE, with my undergarments ( torn beyond recognition) in his mouth? Or, the once beautiful garden that now looks like a barren desert because he once had an addiction to digging the soil ?

Am now scouting around for good doggy training school, where we can enroll Archie in Basic Obedience Course. So far, Archie’s been fabulous with people, a people-dog! Unfortunately, that can’t be exactly said about fellow dogs though.. somehow, he has the tendency to get overly-excited or friendly and would start barking at them. In turn, it’s undeniable that most dog owners would be apprehensive about allowing Archie to get close to their dogs, for fear that he might be aggressive.  😦   So, that’s something that we have to work on. Next phase, Doggy training!

Nevertheless, the happiness that he brought to us is so much more significant. My granny just told me stories where Archie would constantly touched her with his paws and nudged her elbow with his head, just so that he can get her to pat him on his head. As you can probably tell, it doesn’t take much to make Archie a happy dog ;  just a simple gesture like this will suffice. It’s also delightful to see that in spite of the incessant complaints from both my granny & dad, that they still pamper Archie whenever possible. I have personally seen my granny sneakily feeding Archie treats whenever he throws her the irresistible puppy doe-eyed expressions! Oh, the puppy eyes! On top of that, she never fails to fill me with stories about how naughty ( but affectionate) Archie is, whenever I come home after a day of work. Beginning to experience what’s only the start of a lifetime of happiness with a doggy companion!



IMG_4557 cropped

One of the simplest yet greatest joy in life is to wake up each morning,
and know that despite the past day’s problems,
that today is a brand new day.

With each morning, comes a fresh start.
The beginning of a day that determines either a  🙂  or   😦 on your face.

nature, evening walk


Dusk falls. Headlights of vehicles. Heavy on-going traffic that zoomed past.
Glaring headlights. All in a blur. Empty streets dotted with brightly-lit street lamps.
Not a sight of a single soul. Twilight. End of a day.

traffic, when night falls 2


2 responses to “. things that make me smile .

  1. hey for doggy training, there’s this place called Club for Paws (or something similar) near my house.. Not sure if they’re good but seems alright..

    If you have no other recommendations can check it out!

  2. http://www.club4paws.com.sg/ website for the place i mentioned =)

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