. the birthday week .

Get the ball rolling …

Happy Birthday, Steven !
@ Plaza Market Cafe, Fairmount Hotel

In celebration of Steven’s birthday, as well as our first pay cheque, the group decided to head over to Plaza Market Cafe for its array of Peranakan buffet feast. The first thing that I usually dash for is the “COLD DISH” section, which unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations. Cold dishes include flower crabs ( hardly any meat),  salmon & tuna sashimi which were neither tasty nor exactly fresh … that being said, the one saving grace was its succulent prawns. To make up for the lack of delicious cold appetizers, I actually went for multiple helpings of the prawns =)  The range of main courses include a mix of usual Chinese & Malay cuisine. My review? Nothing fantastic to shout about, as the quality of the food was average at best. Honestly, had it not been for Steven’s ‘Feed at Raffles’ membership which gave us a 50% discount off the total bill, I would have been peeved at having to pay so much for the buffet feast that has been seriously over-rated. To sum it up, the experience would not warrant a 2nd trip.

Went down the usual route of surprising Steven with a slice of cake for his birthday. =)   Just a simple gesture, on our part. Planning to head for a seafood fiesta ( crabs! oysters! mussels! prawns! ) to celebrate our 2nd pay cheque in the coming month.

IMG_4534 new
IMG_4536 new.

Happy Birthday to the Girls – Eve & Sharadah !
@ fish & co.

Wasn’t able to turn up for the girls’ 21st celebrations last yr as I was overseas. Come this year, I made sure that I wouldn’t miss their birthdays. Miss once, but not twice. In fact, with some of us bringing our +1, we succeeded in having the largest turnout ever. Like I told MK before, Boyfriends make the best accessories lol.  =)

birthday girlies, fish & co
birthday girlies, fish & co 1
IMG_4555 new.

Bracing our taste buds for some Indian cuisine goodness
Nicole, MK
Ras The Essence of India

* MUST-READ for those who want to travel to Laos

I can never get about spending enough time with Nicky man. Time simply seemed to zoom past. This time round, Nic shared with us thrilling stories of her ABSOLUTELY adventurous trip in Laos. Together with her gfs, they got themselves involved in an array of off-the-beaten track activities such as dirt-biking, white-water rafting ( something that i’ve been wanting to do since the disappointing experience in Tasmania ), zipping 150m above the ground in a forest and the highlight – to stay in an authentic treehouse!  Awesome!

Oh, and did I mentioned that they almost got swept by the raging waves when their canoe over-turned during their rafting excursion?!? Scary. Not too different from the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, the open-concept Gibbon Treehouse attends to all your basic needs. Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony where you can get a bird’s eye view of the stunning wilderness and of course, a gal’s essential room – A Bathroom. So no worries for those who can’t stand a day without shower. Ever thought of how one would travel when staying in a canopy-level treehouse (40m off the ground)? Fear not, for you wouldn’t have to climb up/down the tree. However, it could be a hair-raising experience for those who have a phobia of heights. The only mode of transport to/from the treehouse is to zip/glide along the network of zip lines. So basically, you’re kinda like a monkey … gliding from tree to tree, enjoying the excellent views of nature. If you’re lucky enough, you might even encounter the various families of gibbons. In comparison, the newly opened MegaZip @ Sentosa is child’s play (and might i add, expensive). As with what most people experienced when visiting other SEA countries, the locals there are extremely gracious & friendly ( somehow, the same couldn’t be said for Singaporeans) thus making their trip even more unforgettable.

My passion for travel intensified after listening to her stories and Im now just counting down to the days when I can finally take leave to travel. Probably, just a short getaway to somewhere nearby. Someday, soon.

IMG_4565 new
IMG_4564 next

Mini Turns 50 Celebration
@ Clarke Quay
* pics credit to MK

Out of curiousity, we went to have a look at the  “Mini celebrates 50th Anniversary” exhibition. Unfortunately, we left the lackluster event feeling disappointed as we thought that it would have more activities/exhibits to offer. Nonetheless, the Mini Cooper S remains as my dream car. Oh well, what’s lacking: Driving License. Vitamin M. The 2 most crucial factors. Meanwhile, I’ll continue dreaming … … head in the clouds.

mini 50th birthday
Spectacular night views of Clarke Quay
* pics credit to MK

With a magnificent river view like this, it’s not surprising that Clarke Quay is such a hit amongst night-dwellers!

night view at CQ
A rare sighting:
A trishaw driver all alone, at a quiet lane at CQ

clarke quay 1


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  1. hey babe!
    how have you been?
    i realized i have not been commenting on your blog, though i’ve been a regular silent visitor!
    love reading your posts though. (:
    i’ve moved my blog home, just thought i would let you know.
    drop me a visit and i hope everything is going well for you.

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