. go on & re-live my childhood .

Not Forgotten

Tiny Tots making an appearance once more !

Out of the comfort zone of being @ home
and stepping into the outside world.

A world that overwhelms the innocents.
Drink more booze.
Light up the Marlboro stick.

adventure at treasure home

Mr Men, Little Miss

I think I just climbed out of the mountain or something, been oblivious to the “Mr Men Little Miss” toys in capsules at 7-11 till a couple weeks back. Seeking cheap thrill in the novelty of purchasing the capsules and not knowing which characters that come along with it. Such a joke that we are finally starting to collect these collectibles, only when the hype & interest is dying lol. Super Slow.

Mr Nosey. Mr Greedy. Little Miss Sunshine. Mr Small. Little Miss Shy. Little Miss Chatterbox.
Missing: Mr Happy, Mr Bump, Little Miss Naughty, Mr Strong

mr men, little miss


8 responses to “. go on & re-live my childhood .

  1. haha i gave up collecting them coz i kept getting Mr Nosey. Mr Greedy! Only got those, Mr Small and Little Miss Chatterbox.zzzzz

    • CC!

      I didn’t know that you collected those too. Im quite lucky initially as I managed to get the different toys within first few tries. Unfortunately, last 2 attempts failed … The remaining 4 are WANTED man.

  2. bigyellowshiningstar

    hahaha i got small, greedy, shy and happy. wheeee. but stopped long ago. cos’ i just wanted greedy HAHAHA.

    • ooh. at least u got the one that u really wanted, lucky ya! Everyone’s looking for strong, bump and naughty … so hard to find those. You got HAPPY! I wanna get HAPPY šŸ™‚ alas attempts failed so far.

  3. babe i watched UP too! loved it, cried when ellie died…

    anw, been wanting to tell u that i really like that pompom skirt of yours! dont know how else to call it, that white flared skirt with red and black trimmings.. skirt, not dress right?

    miss ya girl, catch ya soon! 26th still on?

    • hey babe.

      yes, i love the movie too… definitely 1 of my all-time fav movies šŸ™‚ Oh, it’s a dress! I got it from a flea market at mount sophia. The previous owner got it from ASOS. Actually, you can try window blog-shopping … heard that there are many blogshops carrying the similar, inspired dresses too. Try “Miu Miu inspired dress”.

      Cya on Monday! šŸ™‚

  4. haha ok i know this borders on shameless promotion (actually it probably IS completely shameless promotion) but have you read my article on AsiaOne!?!??

    Complete 5 step guide to online shopping (I’m not really the expert but well.. haha)


    Hehe check out my author’s description and tell me what you think of the article too! =D hehe

    • cool! are you working as a freelance writer now? that’s interesting! šŸ™‚ Online shopping, what an appropriate topic for you to write on lol. You’re an expert, win hands down šŸ™‚

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