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It’s been awhile since MK & I had gone out on a date. Conflicting work schedules ( me working in the day, and him working as a bartender in the past couple of mths ) had made it slightly more difficult for us to get together. Time together were hard-to-come-by and usually spent in the comfort of my home with Archie. Now that he’s finally working in his new ( and dream! ) job, I foresee that our schedules will be much more compatible.

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candid pics of us

Disney Pixar’s UP

UP, the movie

A heart-warming movie that has been raved about by many people, I , likewise, got to admit that Pixar’s UP is undoubtedly the best film that I have watched this year. A simple plot, UP‘s story revolves around the power of love …  how one man’s love for his wife and her dreams re-energized him and made him embarked on a journey of re-discovery of a life of adventure. The movie also explores the different aspects of life – Love. Joy. Sorrow. Loss. Unfulfilled dreams. Pursuit of happiness. Just the way our real life is … the ups & downs. To finally learn how to let go of the things/ones we cherish most, in order to start life afresh. No point harbouring all those sad memories in us all the time, for we’ll never be happy that way.

It is especially inspiring as the movie goes to show that a simple lifestyle does not exactly equal to being boring. The stereotype of a perfect life – good career. finding the love of your life. first home. settling down to start a family. kids. etc … – might be deemed as cliche but that doesn’t discard the fact that the so-called stereotypical lifestyle also comes with challenges & a sense of adventure. To put it, it reflects “the importance of finding life’s adventures right under our noses” … don’t say that life’s boring, for you can simply find (that’s if you bother to look)  a sense of adventure, everyday & everywhere. An uplifting & compelling movie! Definitely planning to get the dvd once it’s released =)


: on arrangement

@ substation

MK & I went for the exhibition ” : on arrangement ”  at The Substation a couple weeks back. Directed by Atelier HOKO, the exhibition aims to portray how different people from all around the globe view & perceive arrangement to be. True indeed, all of us arrange things every day, probably even almost every hour. Yet more often than not, we take “arrangement” for granted …  not knowing consciously on how it affects us and our lifestyles. It all boils down to arrangement – From a daily activity of how we try to schedule our week to maintain a work-life balance to decorating our first home to suit a particular theme and even to something as simple as the way we pick our accessories/shoes to fit our outfits.

A topic that I find to be very relevant in my current line of work where the positioning and placement of goods is extremely crucial in capturing the customers’ attention and increase profit sales. That aside, the exhibition also brought to light how insignificant & minute details like these can often be over-looked in our lives … “The arrangement of the untidy one” is one particular exhibit that I took special interest in. In its display, it stated that one need not be organized or neat in order to understand the “discipline of arrangement”. Instead, an untidy individual can likewise, knows where she places her stuff and how she organises her life despite living under messy conditions. Sounds JUST like me, thou Im still guilty of misplacing my stull all the time! That, according to the directors, is the concept of arrangement. “That arrangement is simply a bit of intuition and common sense“. That arrangement can also be used as a tool to reflect, ponder, evaluate & change our lifestyles & habits, if needed.

An extremely well-planned exhibition that encourages one to probe and  further examine the significance of ‘arrangement’ in our lives ( & thereafter, according to the directors).


” All your life.

You have been arranging.

Arranging things, arranging appointments, meetings, objects, words, sentences, language, food, flowers, shoes, clothes, furniture, interiors, things in drawers, in cabinets.

Arranging colours, arranging your hair, clothes on the body, arranging flowers at home.

After work, looking at the arrangement inside shop windows, shoes, food, words, transportation systems, advertisements, all communicated through arrangement …

Upon reaching home, arranging what you bought into the respective places …

Clothes goes into the wardrobe or onto hooks, food into the cabinets and refrigerator, shoes on the show racks … etc … etc …

Arranging is like breathing the air around you while you are alive.

But unlike breathing, arrangement goes beyond death … arrangements for funerals, arrangement of your body in the coffin you arranged for, arranging a tomb space for your dead corpse.

Receiving arrangements of flowers every year on your death anniversary.

After thirty years, your bones get dug up from the grave, re-arranged to another place.”

– Atelier HOKO –

substation ARRANGEMENT

2 responses to “Next Post

  1. I think i paid 10000 bucks for this feature!


    and yea, i think i still owe you the arrangement quote.

    “Our love for acquiring objects should not be dismissed as a shallow modern condition.

    It is one of the most important and difficult acts of self definition.

    Our arrangement of objects penetrate deep into our desire to be recognized by others.

    It reveals an absolute truth of who we desire to be in the eyes of those around us. Arrangement reveals what brings us comfort, confidence, pride and shame.”

  2. i enjoyed UP too! it’s such a unique and sweet and heartwarming story, ain’t it? =)) have u caught HP 6 yet? another movie i really like is 17 Again! it has that heartwarming element too.

    love the arrangement writeup in your post dear!

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