SMU Settlers’ Cafe with SIM friends.
We play, let our hair down & make merry.

The gals & I finally managed to make time for a way,way,way overdue dinner! Sad to say, we had not been about to organize a successful meet-up ever since the last day of school ( which was 3mths ago! ) … So, it’s about time anyway!  With some of us holding full-time jobs, it was thus inevitable that we came to a consensus that “All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy” & that we needed to inject some childhood, mindless fun back into our lives. No Wii, Lan games or X-box, just back to the era of old school boardgames & card games. Temporary LAGGARDS.

As with almost all of our outings, we burst into a fit of laughter whenever we managed to sabo someone else lol. Extra hooray to Cherie for being gutsy enuff’ to perform an impromptu tap dance to entertain us. For Cherlynn, Jocelyn & me for being IDIOTS most of the time, during the IDIOT game. For Cherlynn (again!) for being kena the most no. of FINE cards for not being able to stop talking ( can’t help it, since she’s our dear host for the night). With all ups, there were also downs. May I say Horrendous food? Terrible. And also, the lack of mindless, but superbly fun games like Dinosaurs ( warning: Coarse voice to be expected at the end of the day).

* PS: Im sure we would do great with yet another gathering @ a games’ cafe real soon!

smu settlers' cafe 1
smu settlers' cafe 2
smu settlers' cafe 3
A special Settlers’ Cafe promotion – Use a pair of chopsticks to pick up as many coins as you can within 45 secs. The total amount of coins picked would be used to off-set our final bill. As expected, most of us suck at it. We thought that it would be a hopeless case, till Master JZ came into the picture and worked her magic. The final result? A whopping $6  ($10 being the max. and the remaining were 20cents & 10cents coins) off the total bill for us!  🙂 🙂 🙂
JZ, you rock !

Master JZ


Importance of my fellow MTs

It has already been more than a month since I started work, but somehow other events & commitments have taken priority over blogging about “Starting my first FT job”. Nevertheless, work has been smooth-sailing so far … Along with 5 other MTs, our current schedule comprises mainly of trainings and OJT. Truth to be told, all 6 of us can’t help but agree that we still do feel like tertiary students. Right now, we are still birds flying in the sky … carefree, fun-loving and handling lesser responsibilities. Come 6 months later ( end of traineeship ), that’s when the stress will set in and we often joke that we should film ourselves on video. A “During Training” to depict how crazy and loud we can get ( oh, words cant even begin to describe the madness that we can get ourselves into! Laughter being an essential, whenever we meet for trainings ), and a “After Training” video to show the drastic change lol ( probably, haggard & exhausted ). It’s common to hear from many of our seniors that there’ll bound to be much office politics/competition upon entering the workforce and I suppose that each of us could have been alil apprehensive about one another from the start too. However, we soon realized that those worries were totally uncalled for, as we get along extremely well. More like friends than colleagues =)  My life at work would not be as lively, had it not been for the 5 of them!

Taking delight in having them as my fellow MTs

Witness adults going crazy over game machines !

Have you ever caught a sight of 4 grown ups who went obsessed over trying to win mini toys at the coin game machines? If you did, there’s a chance that it could be the four of us. Frankly, I don’t even play such games even when I was in Pri/Sec school but for that day, I was hooked. Addicted to trying to beat the machine at its game and winning the toys. Felt just like an adrenaline rush. We screamed in anticipation whenever we came close to getting the toy, though there were certainly more failed attempts than successful ones … Without a doubt, the 4 of us were quite an attraction or maybe, public nuisance as we unwillingly captured the attention of many of the other players/other passers-by with our shouts!  ZN even ended up having a coarse voice. 45 mins & an estimated $20+ later, we finally won 5 Elmo & 1 Cookie Monster. If you work out the Maths, 1 tiny toy costs us an average of $3+  & ALOT of energy.

adults going crazy
” FRIENDS “ in Sesame Street style.
Jingwei. Serene. Stephanie. Victor. Wai Mun. Zhennan.

Here to the 4 of us who could make it for the dinner @ Waruku.
And BOOS to the other two for forgetting about it lol.

IMG_4449 edited

Happy Birthday, Serene !!
surprises come in small packages too
the glee that we felt when we managed to pull off the surprise for her !

happy bdae, serene
serene's bdae surprise 3

The Biggest Prawning Losers

My 2nd attempt at prawning over at Bishan. The first time round, MK & I caught 6 prawns in 3 hours. This time round, the 4 of us only caught a pathetic 3 prawns in 2 hours. We OFFICIALLY SUCK at this. Especially so when the lady beside us seemed to catch the prawns so effortlessly, probably a prawn in every 5 mins or less. Oh wait, make that everyone else surrounding us. Yes, the pathetic 4 also had to make do with splitting the 3 prawns amongst us … what a sight! Whoever said that prawning is easy is a liar man.

The one saving grace that actually saw us grinning was when we got to hand-feed the stray kittens. Hungry, the kittens gobbled down the prawns’ heads as fast as they could before they tried to mesmerize us again with their charming, innocent stares. A pic collage of these beautiful creatures.

stray kittens
Proceeded to have delicious prata ( rec: cheese & egg prata. mushroom prata) at the highly-raved Roti Prata House, where we spent hours yakking & sharing of stories. CC & Wendy shared with us their experiences & challenges of taking the first step into setting up their own blogshops ( Wendy, I support u eh! Besides, ur blogshop seems to be doing alot better compared to last wk! ). Future business women, perhaps! True life supernatural accounts that made our hair stand on ends and goosebumps to appear, despite being right smack in a crowded diner. Brought back memories of 1 particular incident where the few of us were so spooked to head home at 2-3am, after watching a Thai horror film that we rather head to the nearby Kopitam to wait for the Sun to rise. It’s so ironic though – Im a coward when it comes to supernatural stuff, yet at the same time … I enjoy watching horror films to freak myself out once in awhile ( preferably, in the comfort of my home and in the company of like-minded pals! ).

prata & ghost stories !
I U Gals !!!

IMG_4487 edited

A reunion with Ken, after like, 19mths! Gotta make sure that I catch that guy, before he leaves for UK for his exchange. Speaking of exchange, it was a year ago since I embarked on mine :/  Time flies, and oh gosh … I sure do miss those treasured moments so badly. Busy boy has his hands full with lotsa trainings for an upcoming competition so lucky me, managed to steal some time from him for a yakking session. =)

Orchard used to be my 2nd/3rd home, but these days, Im more of a shopping mall-hermit … eschewing crowded places like Orchard & Bugis for more laid-back spots like HV. Being a hermit, I gotta admit ( albeit very embarrassing ) that I have yet to check out the latest “IT MALL”, ION. So off we set to explore more of ION but the tremendously long queues at 99% of the restaurant simply put us off. Guess that the exploration trip to ION will just have to be postponed to a later date. – Mountain Tortoise –

after 19mths, we meet again


4 responses to “

  1. we had the best time!! =D ❤ definitely on again! haha and yes we were idiots!! lol

    omg those elmos and cookiemonsters!!!! so cute!! i want!! what machine where?? haha

    • let’s plan another get-together for Sept again! Games, Games! 🙂

      yes! It’s the game store next to the bowling alley at Marina Square! Only $1/try but be warned: It’s ADDICTIVE! Cant stop la.

  2. eh omg. the small elmo really damn cute! and horh, i work near SMU!!! 😀 next time can find me for lunch. HAHA

    • haha. i dont work near town or cbd area. In fact, i work in heartland areas… so, super out of the way. :/ inconvenient sia.

      yes, go to the game shop near the bowling alley at MS. they have a wide array of toys to win … if you’re good, can get it within first few tries. just that we suck at it lol.

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