. online shopaholic .

Here are a couple of blogshops that a few of my dearies started recently, so here’s me lending them my support !
Enjoy !  🙂

BuyOneMore header

Offering an array of purse-friendly accessories ( items costing not more than $6 ). Some of the pieces are rather cutesy & unique – like the “Dress with Suitcase” , “Mini Rainbow School Bus” necklaces & “Red Lips” earrings. Charms & accessories that you can mix & match with any outfit! Im in  ♥ with the ” ♥ ” necklace , so typical of moi.


smackeys 1


Want your lips to taste & smell yummy? Here’s your chance now – Great tasting lip gloss that comes our way.  Lip Smackers come in a range of flavours from Fruity ( Tropical Punch, Mango, Berries )  to Ice Creamies to M&Ms ( yum! ) & Skittles. Want Angelina’s or Megan Fox’s sexy lips? Add an instant glitter to plump your lips with the Shimmers series. Currently on sale @ only $6.90/each !

smackeys 2

smackeys 3


One response to “. online shopaholic .

  1. Hihi pls pm me at lovely3d@hotmail.com i want all of them 🙂

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