. glimpse of life .

Seeing The World Through the Camera Lens

Photography Exhibition
@ the Gallery
” On the Road Again “

Time is precious & often, taken for granted. Capturing the split second moments. To many of us, photography is portrayed as a form of art to capture & then frame the beautiful yet fleeting moments of life. How frequent is it that we allow those random moments to pass by us, without actually cherishing how charming those moments can be. Do we even remember the reason why we roared into laughter, when out with friends? Or the emotions we felt upon graduation? Im very much guilty of that. A picture says a Thousand Words. To look back at the pictures, reminisce the good/bad old days and re-live those memories once more. Once in awhile, I find myself looking through my blog/pic folder & smiling at myself ( as idiotic as it might sounds ) as I scan through the pics. As Mandarina puts it, ” A moment in time rendered eternal by just one click is the ultimate reward of photography. ” Very well-said, indeed.

This photography exhibition showcased the picturesque works of avid, local travellers who had embarked on adventures to off-the-beaten-track places ( Uzbekistan, Iran, Nepal, Russia) and captured the moments of their journey in still images. The series of photographic installation were truly candid and clearly reflected the culture & attitudes of the people living in those different countries. Avoiding the usual tourist traps, those pics depicted the lifestyles that these people lead & made us, the audience, see the globe through camera lens. True indeed, photography has enabled them to freeze time and document their colourful & vibrant experiences. An exhibition that not only opened my eyes to global activities, but also one that inspires me to develop a deeper interest in photography.

art gallery 2
art gallery 3
photography exhibit


Putting the camera into use : Nature

Pictures taken on the way back home, from work. To take time out, walk a longer distance from the bus-stop ( my daily form of exercise, lol ) & enjoy the flora & greenery in my neighbourhood.

nature 1


Archie, My Love.

The bundle of joy that stares through the window as I bid farewell to him every morning. The little boy that rushes to the door whenever the door bell rings and wags his tail, in his anticipation to greet me each evening. Coming home to Archie never fails to give me a much appreciated respite from an exhausting & draining day at work.  =)

archie, my 2nd love.

Captured Emotions

( pics credit to MK )

I call the following pics ” MK’s masterpieces”. It’s usually a challenge to take clear pics of Archie as he seems to have an endless flow of energy so I have to give MK extra credits for his successful attempt. I must say that these are some excellent pics of Archie. =)  Melts our hearts with those irresistible puppy doe-eyed look. The expressive look in its eyes … those special moments captured on film, for life.

IMG_1018 edited
IMG_1023 edited
IMG_1033 edited
IMG_1034 edited
IMG_1019 edited
IMG_1026 edited

Putting the camera into use AGAIN : for vanity sake !
Girl. Mirror. Camera. CHECK.

having some fun, cheap thrill


Supper Time for Tiny Tots.
Nothing more instant than a miniature cup of prawn flavour MAGGI MEE !!!

maggi mee for supper !


5 responses to “. glimpse of life .

  1. awwww i really love your tiny tots thing babe =D and i love ur pics!!! i need to see the pics from that wacky night @ settler’s soon ahhh.. hahaha no pressure though =)

    love ya! hopefully we get to plan our halloween party soon hehe

    • No pressure huh. You must think that “Im an IDIOT” 😛 hahaha. The noisy ones are the idiots lol. I still wanna play the “friendship” board game that settler’s doesnt have lol.

      • hahaha!! you’re totally an idiot! lol. i wanna play it too! sounds fun! it’s called Imaginiff. let’s play that next time ok!!

  2. bigyellowshiningstar

    HAHA. how come your chick always got food to eat.and always looks so yummy. zzz. and this time got maggi even! where do you get them from!
    anw, you opened a blogshop is it??? i saw it promoted on peggychang.

    • haha. i got the tiny chick and many of the food items from MINI TOONS ! Sounds apt, right? :p EAT = Singaporeans’ fav past time lol !!

      nah, it wasn’t me. It’s an acquaintance who opened the blogshop and she asked me to model the outfits for her. Unfortunately, i started work soon after so had to bill out of it. didnt think that anyone would notice it though, haha.

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