. Late night hunger pangs .

Who wants to come out and play?

* creek, creek …
Who’s that?
Where’s Tiny Girl heading to?

where is girly tiny tot
Oh, no wonder!
Tiny Girl spotted a cookie jar of miscellaneous treats.
Gawked at it, hungrily.
Must be the late-night hunger pangs !
Y.U.M.M.Y !!!
i want food
rainbow ice-cream, bananas, curry puffs, bao, juicy beef burger.
Food Paradise for the junk-foodie at heart.
Greedy Tiny Girl G.O.B.B.L.E.S  them all up within minutes!

piggy tiny tot
Finally, came the time for Tiny Girl’s fav treat : Oreo Milk Cookie!
All it needs is a cup of warm milk to dunk the cookie.
What we have now is an extremely Happy & Full Tiny Girl.

happy tiny tot


One response to “. Late night hunger pangs .

  1. hahaha so cute!!! you arh! too free le. why nv meet up with me! tsk!

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