. Graduated !!! .

SIM/UB Commencement

Such a common sight to see many graduates blogging about their commencement at this time of the year. Likewise, I’m officially done with school ( Till I get my Masters. That’s even if I do). Yay!!! After the 3yrs of uni life ( project conflicts & lame excuses from some project mates, waking up early in the wee morning to cramp last-min revision ( Jocelyn! ), politics with some assholes, exchange semester in UB, ODAC activities, attempt-but-failed Salsa classes), I finally graduated with a Magna Cum Laude and did myself proud ( feels great, especially when I totally screwed my A levels ). Now, on to the next phase – Work. Finally, Congrats to everyone for graduating from UB ! To Cherlynn & Koey, just 1 more semester to go and u guys are done with it too… though, u gotta wait till 2010 to wear the graduation gown and motar-board!  Too bad! =P

The commencement was well, honestly not that exciting. The usual speeches & more speeches. Similar to prom night, the highlight of the event was probably to be dressed in our graduation gown and to see our fellow friends all dressed the same. It was hilarious seeing our Dean, professors, etc to be dressed in the same ‘formal’ attire too, almost seems as if we were coming out from the movie set of ‘Harry Potter’ lol! A pictorial-based entry as I know Im not gonna be uploading the pics on facebook, so friends … just “steal” the pics for your convenience. Heck, I was sooo busy finding pple and taking pics that I didn’t even had the chance to savor the food at the buffet =(  Any of you did? Fortunately, it’s FOC for us. If not, it’s gonna be such a waste of $ lol.

Congrats to the Class of 2009  🙂

convo 1
convo 3
convo 2
convo 4
convo 5
convo 7
convo 10
What Ann said was really true. What we take away more than any other thing from SIM, are the close friendships created during the course of our study. Many thanks to all of you here ( plus, Cherie + Eil + Krys … Where were u guys?? ) for always being by my side & for being my buds =)

convo 6
Haha, my favourite man … MK love! Your convo wouldn’t be till end of next yr or early 2011, long wait to go! :p It’s a promise though, I’ll attend yours … make sure u dont skip it, like u did in poly eh!

convo 9
convo 13
Lastly, of course with my beloved family ( Gin missing in action ) for seeing me through everything =)  Thank You! Waiting for Gin to graduate next yr from poly before we take a family “graduation” studio shoot together!

convo 11
convo 8


4 responses to “. Graduated !!! .

  1. congrats, dear! graduation feels so awesome. the big bad world awaiting ur arrival now 🙂 how’s work btw? update update!

    • haha. it’s a short-lived feeling, just for that hr or so. work’s good so far … mainly classes and on-the-job training but boy do i love the other 5 MTs too. Always have a ball of fun together!

  2. hey congrats love! wish i could have been there , wish u cd have been at mine! haha, btw guess what i’m possibly coming back in feb next year!! =D

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