. GRADUATION Commencement .

Finally, the day ! Looking forward to the graduation commencement in a couple hrs’ of time !



11 responses to “. GRADUATION Commencement .

  1. shifted, dear. http://www.electricfeelnow.wordpress.com

    it was time for a change!

  2. happy graduation babe!~
    the chick’s so cute, i have one too, from my crescent days but i juz hav no recollection whr i got it! hmmm..

    • yea… the big chick was a case of lost and found whereas the tiny one was purchased from some toy shop! can u believe that im still ‘messing around’ with them for pics, at this age lol?

  3. so glad to see you yesterday! (:
    and the chick is sooo cute.
    he has his own motarboard too (:

    • Angela – same here too! Havent seen u since i returned. I thought u might fly over to Florida for the Disney internship! Haha, yea … i got a set of 3D graduation stickers when I was in Buffalo. Wal-Mart, i think!

      – 🙂 I know, I still owe u a mail… a really long one, for sure!

  4. sooo adorable!! u gotta tell me the hiSTORY behind this cute idea!! =)))

  5. congratulations to you 🙂

    hmm.. may i know where did you get the small mortar board for your chick? thanks in adv!

  6. congrats dear!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. was lazy! did not apply for the disney internship x:

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