.♥. Another good weekend on the cards.

18 months celebration
A moment to reminisce

It’s been quite a while since MK & me had gone for the usual dinner/movie date. In our attempt to save $, as well as spend more time with Archie, our time spent together usually consist of bumming around at my place. As much as it boils down to enjoying each other’s company, it however adds more romance to our love life with the occasional dinner/movie/adventurous dates so boy, were we both looking forward to a 1yr 6 mths quiet celebration.

Caught the highly-anticipated blockbuster “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” ( IMO, awesome for all its action aficionados but lacks of creating a punch/climax to the plot ) prior to dinner. Tea Cozy ( formerly at Electric Attic. Now, at Ten Thousand Angels ) brought back many fond memories for both MK & me. After all, it’s the cozy lil’ diner that we finally settled at for dinner, on our first date. In our attempt to bring back the memories that we had for our first date, we thus decided to head once again to Tea Cozy. Ten Thousand Angels is a quaint shop that sells an assortment of angels and it’s a great shopping paradise for those who either hope to achieve a European interior design for their homes or have a collection of angels/fairies. Angels for keepsake. Ten Thousand Angels is located at #05-10, Plaza Singapura.

The latest addition to the collection of gifts I have received from MK baby. A couple tea-cup set ( so cheesy though!), that comes along with 2 boxes of Twinings tea. A perfect gift for someone who is big on English tea =)

18 months_4
18th months_3
18th months_1
18th months_2

Things are never the same again, ever since Archie entered into our lives. Gone are the days where we had the freedom to do anything we want as a couple “couple-hood”. Now that we have Archie to care for, our lives pretty much revolve around him, “parent-hood”. So many plans that we have for him … Obedience training class, “family” outings to a pet-friendly cafe or better still, a pet cafe where pooches will be treated to gourmet pet dishes, doggy outings/events! Unfortunately, neither of us drive ( darn! Why didn’t I take up driving 4yrs back?!? ) so that’s gonna be a challenge.

As you can probably see from the pics, it’s extremely difficult to capture a clear shot of Archie. Especially so, when our active boy is always moving and on-the-go! It just hit upon me that we have yet to take a single pic with Archie … it’s always taking pics of him, but never with him. Presenting a collage of our favourite candid, posed and family shots!

loving with archie

Going gaga over Korean & Japanese food over the weekends

A taste of both Korean + Japanese over the weekends. There’s nothing else that I  than to dine at a restaurant and chat/gossip with friends for hours & hours. Im really good at that though; self-proclaimed queen of staying in a restaurant for hours till they finally chase us out cz they need to close. Sounds so cheapskate! First up was at Su Korean ( my fav korean restaurant, thanks to Chantelle’s influence ) with Christine darling on Friday. Haha, we even discussed about screwing up the whole ‘practical’ thing and taking up less common but interesting jobs such as an air-traffic controller ( for her) and zoo-keeper ( for me).

It was going ‘Japanese’ the next day with Koey at Waraku, Marine Square. So coincidental! Turns out that we both registered for a volunteer/travel program with the same agency in Vietnam. My initial plan was to head over to Vietnam to volunteer at a kids orphanage and explore the beautiful country, following my trip to Bangkok. However, due to some changes, I had to cancel my plans. Who would have known that Koey had the exact plan in mind too?!? Only difference, he’s definitely going ahead with his plans whereas fickle-minded me had to cancel mine and start having some regrets.

food and more food!
gg korean and jap.

Bold & Beautiful 2009
SK II & Philip CFD

bold and beautiful 2009

Courtesy of Cozycot and also, much thanks to Juliet for telling me about this event. Honestly, finance talk usually bore me to tears as the jargons and terms used are very foreign to me. And more often than not, Im usually left confused at the end of the talk. Unfortunately, you and i know that being a saver is not sufficient in today’s society. With inflation on the rise, our currency loses its initial value over time and that’s when investments come in to beat inflation. Being an idiot when it comes to finance, I gotta admit that Im still very clueless when it comes to the different types of investments. The session was quite informative, to say the least. Figured out that Ive a low tolerence for risk when it comes to investments & money … so just need to do my ‘homework’ & research on the suitable investments before plunging into it.

There was also a skincare talk ( by SK II), on top of the trading talks. Not surprisingly, it was a talk that placed huge emphasis in promoting their SK II facial treatment essence, aka “Miracle Water”. Said to contain Pitera, the treatment essence aims to  boost the skin to its optimal condition by balancing the skin’s PH. Haha, I never thought that I would fall for such marketing gimmicks but being a sucker for skincare products ( victim of multiple skin problems – visible pores, clogged pores, uneven skin tones, etc ), I decided to read up on some reviews and found the product to be quite well-recommended. Not surprisingly, that comes with a hefty price tag too.

As with all events, everyone looks forward to collecting their goodie bags. Goodie bag comes with $20 voucher ( for some trading account), SK II consultation and skincare product and a bottle of wine from South Africa! One of the best, if not the best, goodie bag that I have ever received from attending an event!  =)   Will try out the SKII  ‘miracle water’ sample and write a review on it soon.


4 responses to “.♥. Another good weekend on the cards.

  1. i’ll bring u pics of Lex on fri!! if i could have the choice of bringing Lex there, I WOULD. hahahahah. Lex and Archie should meet…. and if u really want to bring Archie to parks and stuff, call for cabs and state that u have a dog. they’ll get u a cab that doesnt mind doggies~ oh bring him out more often cos when he gets bigger, it’ll just become tougher! i talk alot when it comes to Lex. =x just ask mz. hahahahaaha…

  2. ahahaha i can never get clear pictures of my doggie too! moves too much -_-

    oh if you wanna volunteer at thailand, try chiang mai! there’s an orphanage there, and a school nearby, so you can be a teacher in the school, and go back to the orphanage to live with the children! teach them english…

    i did that last time.. very meaningful.. =)

  3. Maddie –

    Thanks for the pics of Lex. MK totally agrees that Lex’s like Archie’s twin la. Next time, let’s get our dogs to double-date!

    Loisa –

    my convocation partner! pls pls pls make a date with the rest of us soon, u’re soo busy my dear! dont be a workaholic ;p

  4. hey hon ❤ love that dress you wore for your family outing haha =D

    and yea on 2nd thought, archie DOES look like lex! haha.

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