. life in random .


Life in random …

Introducing the traveling chick .

Inspired by blogger Peggy’s traveling Tommy- The Tomato ( which was originally inspired by the traveling gnome in the French film, Amelia ),  I thus decided to have my very own version of a traveling trinket. A random chick which I picked up, or rather found somewhere in my home. With a house as cluttered as mine, it’s no surprise that we tend to find a “treasure trove” of stuff that were either pre-loved or never been used. The chick is nameless so far, but it’s without a doubt that “nameless” will be bound for more traveling adventures in the near future !

First ep: Nameless goes to Thailand !


Breaking the self-imposed quarantine

With the H1N1 flu in the news everyday, you will probably know that Thailand is one of the affected countries and so, being erm, responsible citizens, Shermin and I hence decided to impose a 1-week home quarantine session. My life has honestly been nothing short of boring upon my return. In fact, “sleep” has soon become my middle name! With each passing day, I just seemed to sink further into a world of slacking and bumming around at home. My daily routine went like this: Waking up late, play and accompany Archie, surf the internet, being a couch potato, stayed up till late into the night so that I can chat with MK once he was done with work. And the whole routine repeated again for the following day and the next, and the next …

For sanity sake, I had to break my self-imposed quarantine on the 6th day ( should be safe then, right? ) and headed out to Vivo to meet both CC & Sok for a short while. =)  Such simple joy that friends provide.

finally with the gals,

My New Best Friend

My days of being quarantined at home had been made so much easier and enjoyable, all thanks to Archie, my ever faithful companion. It’s been 2 months since we first adopted him ( though it feels so much longer ), and boy has our baby boy grown since then ( doubled in size, tripled in weight!) ! There’s so much that I want to write about Archie but I think that warrants an entire, solo post. In short, we both need each other! In fact, I like to think that I suffered from “Archie Withdrawal” symptoms when i was away in Bangkok. Images of Archie subconsciously kept appearing in my mind … & there wasn’t a single day when I didn’t ask my mum or MK about how Archie was doing. It’s a mutual relationship la, for Archie was spotted to have combed every corner and inch of the house, in his attempt to search for me lol.

A superbly affectionate and manja boy, Archie makes it a point to be “superglue” to me all the time … I doubt that there was ever a day where he let me out of his sight. He sleeps by my side whenever I take an afternoon nap. Waits patiently outside of the bathroom door when Im inside doing my own business lol. Barks and tries to protect me whenever he senses something suspicious. Runs and jumps out of the window ( ground level!)  to greet MK & me when we return home, as he’s too impatient to wait for us to open the door. Slobbers my face with his kisses & licks. Once, I even woke up only to find Archie licking my mouth! Just like what happens in comics and cartoons. It happened to me too! The unconditional love that melts my heart immediately. In return, I’ve also become very attached to him … to the extent that I even turned the living room into my temporary room, just so that I can be with him 24/7. MK , watch out! You have a love rival now! So yes, my lappie’s permanently in the living room and I sleep on the hard sofa every night. But it ain’t too bad too; it’s the largest room in my house, plus there’s air-con and TV with SCV !

officially Archie
archie on his bed
archie, always naughty!

♥ ♥ ♥         vintage prints !

Treasure Cove. A series of vintage affair and pop culture images. As quoted from imkikix, ” Pop Culture: For the rebels at heart who love the bright lights of new york city and punk rock … Vintage: A symbol of romance, for the girl who loves old world charm and french wonders“. Irresistable images like these that made me purchased these rings & printed match-boxes, in a heart beat, during my recent trip to Bangkok.

images from the mod era
vintage match box

Life is Beautiful, La Vita E Bella

to take the plunge soon !

The pictures are pretty much self-explanatory. So far, ear piercings have been my only weakness ( somehow, other body piercings have yet to interest me). 8 ear piercings, 5 on the earlobes, 1 tragus, 1 rook, 1 snug. What’s next? The thought of it excites me. No more waiting, No more procrastinating, it’s finally The Time.


desired tattoo .. coming up soon!


11 responses to “. life in random .

  1. omg babe! a tattoo! awesomeeee!!!! which part of your body are you gonna get inked? wooo so excited for you!

  2. hey babe!

    Yea, been contemplating for almost 3yrs. Just that haven’t been putting it into action. Part of the reason why I haven’t ink yet is cz I cant make up my mind on which part to tattoo. Still considering lol.! 🙂
    i read your blog, u’re interested too right? where do u plan to get ink at?

  3. heyy babe! just wanted to tell u that my doggie, Lex is just like Archie!!! i picked Lex up from a voiddeck near my place, and i was shocked to see Archie’s pics cos he looks just like Lex when Lex was younger! he acts like Lex even. hahahah. oh they are prone to have skin problems as they grow older, so do take care!

  4. Hi!

    that’s really sweet of you to have adopted Lex too 🙂 I always tell my bf that, that’s the reason why Archie means soo much more to us. The fact that we didn’t plan on having a dog but yet, he just entered our life and made us feel so lucky and blessed. that’s the beauty of it 🙂 im sure thats exactly how u feel too!

    Oh no, what kind of skin problem? i used to work in an animals’ clinic and have seen many dogs with skin problems too… 😦 should i feed him anything nutritious to avoid the skin prob?

  5. im really not too sure if Archie and Lex are the same breed, but they really do look similar! shd really send u some of Lex’s pictures sometime. hahaha.

    anw Lex has skin problems like patchy skin and all, and it occurs from time to time. Vet says its cos of humid weather in Sg. It could also be worsened by contact with floor detergent or stuff. so just take note on that! u can check out multi-vitamins for doggies too. =))

    *u sound really courteous and all, im just mad from UB la! hahahahaha.

  6. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! mad u r so funny! you sounded like u r mad as in u r crazyy cos u r frm UB. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA.

    yups steph i so wanna get it on my wrist but its very obvious so im still thinking. and since i am like job hunting now, its not very nice leh i feel.

  7. mad – mongrel right? if so, should be same breed then! how big did he grow to? I reckon it’s medium size though it’s always a hot topic amongst my family, bf and me lol.
    do u have more than 1 dog?
    Haha, okay. since u say, i wldn’t be courteous anymore! :p hahahaha.

    mz – oh, yea! I ever contemplated getting on wrist and nape of neck before too BUT im afraid it might not be suitable for corporate. Thought of side of waist ( near the hip) but it’ll be covered most of the time :p haha. So, im back to square one!

    u gonna get b/w script tattoo too right? Im also looking around for tattoo artist recommendations. U found yours already? And … I wonder how’s the pain gonna be like too! A thousand needles poking us!

  8. i’ve only got 1 Lex! =)) vet says he’s a labrador mix, so i’m not too sure mix w what also. but Lex has like a 1-inch tail cos his prev owner or someone snipped off his tail when he was a baby. i picked him up when he was 2mths old and his tail was alr gone. he’s about 18kg now. when he pounces on me for a kiss he is about the ht till my neck.

    oh interesting fact! look at Archie’s paws. apparently the body and all will grow bigger, but the size of his paws will not. so they can give u an estimate of how big he’ll eventually grow to.

  9. same! there’ve been many people who said that Archie looks like a lab-mix too … which most probably means that he’s gonna be quite big!

    oh no. how terrible la, to have snipped off his tail. So horrible … must be those people who abuse animals, so sick! yea, i heard about the “paws” thing before too, reckon that he will probably grow to around medium-big size as well.

    show me pics of Lex ( if u have on hp or sth) on convo day ok?! 🙂

  10. yup, i had the same worries as you. i thought of the side of waist too!! but like you said, it will be covered most of the time. i want it to be seen, yet i worry about not looking professional at work. HAHAHAHAHA. and i’m still thinking if i could like cover the wrist with a watch if i were to get inked there. hmm, still thinking about it.

    and yups, i think its super nice lah, bnw script tattoos. i haven’t really tot of what i wanted yet. too many to choose from! colored ones are nice too. i have seen some girl’s blog and her colored tattoo at her ankle area is so nice! but its pretty big. too bad, i don’t have enough guts to do that.

    oh, my friend told me that her friend told her that far east’s one is good enough. she did it at some place called exotic tattoos. and another place at bali lane is not bad too, the guy seems pretty friendly as well. but i don’t know yet! LOLS.

    and seriously, i think it will hurt like hell esp if we do it near the bone lah right? my friend suggests doing it on the tummy so that the fats can spare us the pain! HAHAHAHAHA.

  11. i thought the tats were real babe! they look good though =D remember not to get a tramp stamp or suffer the wrath of connor wolfley! lol

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