Majolica Majorca Competition

MJ is now extending an invitation for YOU to join us!
Just follow the simple steps below…

1) Write an entry of at least 300 words on “Why you like Majolica Majorca?” and “Why you should join the MJ ambassadors at our next meeting!”

2) Post up your entry on your blog, then email the entry & blog address to OR post your entry up on the Majolica Majorca facebook group at

You must quote whose blog you saw this competition from, & note that only ONE reader from each ambassador will be chosen.

4) incomplete entries will be disqualified! Not only will you get to join us at the next meeting, you will also get to preview products from the upcoming launch and take home special goodies like us! Act fast! closing date is 5th July Sunday and winners will be notified by 26th July!

My Entry

There are many reasons why Majolica Majorca wows me. First and foremost, being in my early twenties, the two most important criteria that I look out for in cosmetics would be both quality as well as one that is pocket-friendly. Majolica Majorca has established its name for itself for being trendy and feminine. As such, I love the shimmery and seductive colour palates of the eye shadow range. To me, eye makeup is one of the most important and so, with the wide range of glitter eye makeup colours, it thus proves to be a great assert when i want to doll up for a girl nights’ out at a fancy place! Another of my favorite is the 2-way powder foundation that provides good coverage and control oil shine ( very important to me as i have oily complexion). Majolica Majorca is catered mainly to people in my age group, and so I have to say that the colour palates that it has makes me feel sexy and more confident of myself. At least, I would know that Im not wearing makeup that is too “mature” for my age; instead, it is suitable and trendy enough for me! As superficial as it might sounds, the packaging that MJ has is another big plus point. Im a sucker for pretty, princessy packaging and MJ feminine packaging never fails to catch my eye. It’s seemingly antique packaging also makes me feel as if I’m buying something “vintage” too, so I guess it adds to the overall good feeling that I feel from purchasing MJ products.

Being an avid fan of Majolica Majorca, as well as a loyal blog reader to some of the MJ blog ambassadors, there is no denying that it would be an honor to be invited to the event.  The main attraction would be to be given the chance to preview the highly-anticipated products and also, hopefully gain advice from MJ ambassadors on the application of makeup.  An amateur in makeup, I believe that the ambassadors would provide me with a better understanding of how I can use the makeup correctly, in order to enhance my features and not to just add colours ( which is what I feel like im doing. I need a makeover!). In addition, I also had the privilege to attend a couple of the beauty seminars/workshops organised jointly by cozycot forum and other skincare/cosmetics brands which allowed me to preview and even, try out the various products. Capitalizing on internet resources such as the forum and my own blog, I thus made use of the  opportunity to write reviews of the products and recommend them to fellow cotters, friends and readers. Got to know about this MJ invitation via Cordelia,

vain pot series 1


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