World of Korean Food with Chantelle
Su Korean Cuisine

A celebration for Chantelle as she just scored a job! Whats a better place to hold the mini-celebration other than her favorite korean restaurant? Su Korean, at Far East Plaza. Reasonably-priced, this cozy diner is fast becoming a fav of mine as it offers not only offers many appetizer dishes for starters but also, a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes. Must try include: the self-BBQ chicken/beef, traditional korean fried rice flour cake & Bibimbap! http://www.sukorean.com/ , for more information!

chantelle loves korean food!

Darlings, let’s go crazy !


darlings, lets go crazy!

edited pic

Potluck session with the girls !

CC home

Awesome of CC to organize a potluck + xbox session over at her place. My dear CC & Rach won themselves each a set of XBOX console lol, how lucky can they get man. Had I known earlier, I would have participated in the lucky draw as well; free stuff! As usual, we had a fabulous time laughing and joking around … life’s never a bore with these gals around. However, the highlight of the night was us being obsessed with playing DOA !!! Okay, we’re all newbies at it so basically, we didnt even know what we were doing most of the time but it was just extremely fun kicking our opponents’ arse and seeing their characters KO first. The adrenaline rush of the reel-world and thrill of winning … No wonder there are so many people out there who are addicted to gaming and such. Might just give it a shot too!



Days of My Life …

Alright, as usual … same old, same old stuff. Let’s see. MK just started bartending at a new bar and that simply means less time spent together as he works 6 nights/week! Not surprisingly, I find myself staying up till 2am+ or later just so that we can chat after he ends work. Can you believe that I have yet to see him work behind the bar counter despite being together for close to 18mths already?  Am definitely gonna make a trip down to the bar to support you! Such a freaking small world lol – Turns out that an ex-colleague of mine is currently working PT at the bar and an acquaintance who enquired about Tioman visited the plc and recognised MK! HAHA – Spies to keep a lookout :p

Other stuff: Keeping in touch with a few of my USA friends via email ( i just wrote a 1400 word-long email to my bestie. Yes, I did a word count!). Signed up as a member of HRSS. Assisting an acquaintance with a business project; freelance gig. Spending alot of time planning the itinerary for Bangkok and I simply CANNOT WAIT for the trip. Been to BKK once but that was only for 2 days; besides, it was more of a hectic shopping trip. Come this time round, Shermin & I plan to take the time out to sight-see and explore more of what BKK has to offer. A time for cheap shopping bargains, a time for cultural immersion. =)


Bangkok, here we come !!!

looking forward to BKK

Was just talking to Juliet on MSN and what she said made things very clear to me. During the conversation, she mentioned that i have actually chosen the path that I wanted. To simply put it, had I really wanted to find the perfect job, I “would have channelled all my resources” during my job-search and fully concentrate on that. Yet, the fact that Im constantly deliberating and being swayed by my urge to travel meant that what I probably want now is not a job. Very often, we find ourselves looking back and pondering on “what ifs” … ie. Would my life be better off, had I done this or that? Like what J said, “it’s tough – owning up that the possibility that one’s decision may be wrong”. Looking back, that could very well be part of the reason regarding my dilemma but at the end of the day, I guess no matter what we choose … it’s still a learning experience. What’s life when it’s a bed of roses right? Nevertheless, that chat made me see the situation from a clearer perspective and I think, I know what I want, at least for now.


Our Pets !!!

1 dog, 6 hamsters. My house =  a mini-zoo. Making the decision to adopt Archie wasn’t easy, not at all. Honestly, having Archie brought about alot more arguments and debates between both MK and me.  i dun even think we fought as much before. Never having care for a puppy before, I have to admit that it added alot of strain and pressure for the both of us during the first mth or so … to have to handle with his constantly chewing and biting ( it darn hurts whenever he bites ), his rebellious antics, and the fact that he barks back thrice the times whenever we scold him. To add to that, Archie’s quite dominant so we have to learn to be authoritative and extra firm with him. Sacrifice is necessary too and I find myself spending more time at home just so that I can keep him accompanied.

At times, I wonder if Im ready to give up abit of my social life for Archie’s sake. It was times like that, that made me reconsider if we’re ready for a pet dog. On the other hand, as much as it can be difficult to keep up with him, one can’t deny the joy that he brought into not just MK’s or my life, but also of my family. His “human-like” expressions ( puppy eyed look), behaviours and affectionate/manja nature ( there’s nth else that he loves as much as snuggling onto your lap. Other than FOOD, for he’s a glutton) always crack us up and somehow, whenever I try to picture life wo Archie … it just seems a tad more empty than it used to be. And so, that’s how Archie came into our lives … for good.


Archie on a rocking pig, yes … rocking pig, not horse. !

archie on a rocking pig!


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  1. I will essay u back my love ❤ haha

  2. yes, i love essays! esp so, from u! loves

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