. what have you been up to lately ? .

Ding Dong Bell, 1st June 2009. Happy 17 months, Baby Love !

– Essentially MK & Steph –
.Fabulously Broke but still In Love.


Night at the Images of Singapore, where the museum comes to LIVE !

Ever wonder how is it like to be in a museum at night? Do the characters really come to life? In anticipation of the new movie “Night at the Museum 2”, our kampong of 8 went on board this interactive tour where we were taken on an experience out of the cinema. Unfortunately, having expected this experience to be similar to that of a haunted house, I was kinda disappointed by the lack of surprise displayed by the “live” characters. Nonetheless, it was great having everyone to goof around, make fun of the wax statues, as well as trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t initially! Look, we even had our different “face masks” on for a picture! All that aside, despite having visited Images of Singapore for at least 8 times or so since I was little, I still gotta admit that it’s one of the best place to learn more about the history behind Singapore, as well as its multicultural heritage. Ended the night at the cinema with a screening of “Night at the Museum 2” … cheers to more upbeat family outings!  🙂

night at the museum 1
night at the museum 2
Post- Audi Fashion Festival
Collection of our AFF ‘Certificate of Appreciation’, haha… yea right, big deal (???). And hanging out with this bunch of gals who are easily 2-3 yrs my junior makes me feel that I’m way too old.  :/

post AFF
We live, We eat, We chat, We laugh … it’s all happening at Blu Jazz, baby !

let the good times roll

girly girlsgirly girls 2

Charlene’s housewarming party …

housewarming party
Live To Eat, How’s that for yummy seafood feast ?!?


Waking up early at 7.30 am on a Sunday morning to shop for crabs with MK baby and Granny. Paid a visit to the stinky wet market in the neighbourhood, so that we can get the crabs at a cheaper price. Washed and got rid of all the innards of the crabs. Baby helped granny cooked the chilli sauce and crabs while I slacked – Me being the most non-domesticated gf ever. End result? Everyone absolutely loved the seafood feast that we ( mainly granny) prepared! In fact, thinking about it makes me develop yet another seafood craving man.

seafood, yum!
Doggie playdate

Intended : Play time for Max ( ZW’s goldie ) and Archie. Actual : Archie ended up being way too naughty and playful ( as usual ) for Max and despite his many attempts to be the alpha-dog, he was left defeated.



4 responses to “. what have you been up to lately ? .

  1. Ok.. i think i’m gonna sound really suaku.. But i’ve never heard of Images of Singapore..

    Looks like real fun! where is this place.. hehe

  2. haha… it’s at Sentosa! Images of Singapore, on top of mt imbiah 🙂 However, they wldnt have “LIVE” characters on normal days, only so for the premiere of Night at the Museum 2. Still, i wld say it’s worth going at least once. 🙂 How are u dear, working?

  3. nope. ended my temp job. now looking for full-time/perm.

    have not received any notifications from the force yet. called to enquire, but all they could say was to wait for notification letter, as non-shortlisted candidates will be informed too.


  4. ooh, i see. Dont worry too much, meanwhile can open up your options to other jobs/industries too 🙂 u know how gov jobs go, take very long to get back and such!

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