“See them in a different light”
Night Safari

night safari

Out with Koey


out with koey

The Gals’ Diary

The “Sex and the City” clique. 2 fresh graduates. Another heading to a local bank for an internship. The last one heading to China for 3 wks of exchange programme. 3 of my gfs – all of whom im proud of. The four of us first got acquainted back in 2006, when we entered university. 3 years later, friendship dynamics have certainly changed. Like I mentioned before, gone were the days where it was just pure clubbing and partying for us, all just in the name of superficial fun … now are the moments where we feel so much more comfortable with one another to talk about private n personal stuff. Will the friendships continue to be the same for us in a few years down the road, when life gets hectic with work and other commitments?

with the girls on thurs
As much as everyone around me is an addict to facebook, I however am so terrible with fb that the last time I visited it was all the way back in Mid-Jan. 4mths. Needless to say, the tagged photos of my gfs and me made me thought of the advantages that being young brings about … The carefree days whereby we are freed from shouldering heavy responsibilities, the allowance to be wild and foolish … Do we really have to bid farewell to those days soon?
“Baby girl, shock me with your electric feel now”

good memories

Mothers’ Day Celebrations

Like what Nicky would say, the whole kampong headed to Sanur Indonesian for a mouth-watering Indo feast. That’s my beloved family for you .. 3 generations all living under one roof, crowded (yes! ) but that’s the way we’re so used to and loving it.Β  πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚


Wan Lok Restaurant

The usual 8-course Chinese dinner with the materal side.

MD Celebration 2

MD Celebration 1

Audi Fashion Festival 2009
Life as a dresser

The first year being a dresser was exciting and full of anticipation … You know how it goes, the first-hand experience of being backstage of a fashion show, the awe of being surrounded by gorgeous, tall and sexy models ( most of whom stood at an average of 1.78m! ) , the first touch of the “oh, too expensive for me to afford” clothes collections. Good-looking people, yes. Come this year, while I still get exhilarated at the chaotic-ness and madness that happens within the 30-secs outfit change, the extremely long waiting and preparation time however bored me to tears.Β  Another thing to note, put 20 female dressers together in a room and somehow, things can turn hell bitchy lol. One word to describe the feelings brought about by the various collections.Β  Ashely Isham – Haute Couture. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Light-hearted/Fun. Vivienne Westwood – Quirky (think Tim Burton!). My favourite show goes without saying,Β  the closing show “Vivienne Westwood” which was as quoted by Fash-Eccentric “playful, bright and full of energy! ” Totally true. Had the lucky pick of assisting this year’s chosen Singapore model, Charmaine Han, who’s such a delight to work withΒ  πŸ™‚

aff 2
aff dressers 1



Just 2 weeks ago, I had my break beautifully planned out. A week back, an opportunity came my way and the desire for the job had me make some difficult and tricky decisions along the way. It was a risk I took, one which would result in me having to cancel most of my original plans. Unfortunately, disappointment sets in when someone with more working experience was preferred and now, Im back to square one. No more trips to China or Laos 😦  In other words, Im gonna be stuck on this lil’ island till I make other traveling plans. The excitement that I first had for my holidays slowly fading away … and now, with no plans and so much free time at hand, I feel lost for the first time in the recent years.

On a happy note, MK baby just ORD a couple days back so we’ll definitely make full use of this precious time to have some “US TIME” before he starts work real soon. $$$ comes your way first, love. On my free days – other than Audi fash festival and gatherings with friends – are spent with Archie Boy. Ever watch the movie “Marley and Me” ? To those who think that caring for a puppy is all about fun and play, boy are you so wrong. Similar to what’s being portrayed in the film, caring for Archie has been quite a roller-coaster, a tumult of emotions that I have experienced thus far. An enchanting boy that he is, it’s impossible not to fall in love with him … the way he brought so much happiness and joy into our lives with his funny and sometimes, ridiculous antics and actions. Yet, he has certainly grown to behaving like a rampaging puppy … the constant nipping and tugging of my clothes and arm, digging of the soil, chewing, very short-attention span, etc. Im pretty much so frustrated at my inability to attempt to train him that even my family and baby can sense the tensions that are building in me. Baby and I might not be in the right stage to welcome a puppy into our lives just yet but the least we can do for him is to provide him with as much love and hopfully, basic obedience trng as we could whilst in the search for the right person to adopt him.

Archie Boy and his obsession with his ball and rope.
β™₯ Archie

archie boy

The 3rd vacation in a year – this time round, an ultra-short getaway to absolute paradise. Away from the hustle and bustle in Singapore, a gem tucked away on an island not too far off from here welcomes us. Yes, a hidden oasis in the less-than-idyllic island of Batam. Come next Monday, we’ll both get ready to be pampared with a 3 hours spa package, seafood kelong fiesta, and a night long of free movies … all while being surrounded by lush greenary and waterfalls! Imagine Bali, but only at a much cheaper price and nearer location. Baby baby, our 3rd honeymoon getaway awaits!

tempat senang


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  1. hey dear! im theng haha i’ve been to the Batam resort you’re going. Tempat Senang right? the people there are really nice =))) enjoy!

  2. bring archie over for a play date! HAHHAH

  3. theng – hi babe! i didnt know you have a blog πŸ™‚ have you graduated from uni too now? if so, same here. Yes, leaving for tempat senang in a few hrs’ time and im quite excited, have always been a fan of resorts w lush greenery and pools! thanks babe!

    loisa – i think bitches hate archie. tried to get him socialize with 3 other female dogs over the wkend but darn, he was too overly-friendly that it annoyed the other female dogs lol. but i wldnt mind πŸ™‚

  4. hi babe,

    Do you model for blog clothes? Charges?

    Email me at oops_sheryl@yahoo.com.sg

  5. awwww! was the night safari awesome? you shd have told me you were going, i could have gotten you a discount!!

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