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Very Wordy Blog Entry Ahead !!!

Last Thursday marked the end of my internship with ZCP. How apt it was then to celebrate the end of my stint with a stage productions co. by watching the phenomenal musical, CATS with my family. An innovative spectacular with entertaining choreography, CATS kept me dazzled and impressed with its extravagant and very well-performed dance moves. The lead song – which is also 1 of my fav – Memories, ended on a high note, receiving much applause from the audience for its flattering delivery. However ( imo), it falls short on having a substantial plot.



We all know that “change is the only constant” but sometimes, i dread changes… especially so when I have so many plans all planned out for my short break before convocation. It’s not exactly good though cz it’s an indication that I can be rigid when it comes to changes being made to my plans, so gotta learn to be more spontaneous and flexible. Given the current economic downturn ( which might be made worse cz of the swine flu), it would be a sigh of relief to many fresh graduates to be able to secure job interviews after the sending of resumes/CV. However, I found myself in a dilemma when 2 c0mpanies called me up for 2nd interviews last week. ( 1 of which is the interview that i thought i screwed up but turns out that i didnt do too shabby after all!!! ). Downside – both require me to start ASAP. Basically, it boils down to the 2 choices – Take this chance to impress the interviewers and hopefully nail the job OR stick to my plan to rejuvenate. End up I made up my mind that Im going ahead with my travel, relax & volunteer plan and rejected both 2nd interviews because I rather not waste the employers’ time to interview me. Tough call. On one hand, it’s an interview for a potential job … On another hand, im looking forward to traveling to China with my grandparents and aunt ( been 15yrs since i last traveled alone with them) next week and volunteer in Laos! Yes! Got the confirmation from the team leader that Im on board a 2wks volunteer trip to Laos in June. Similar to my previous OCIP trips in 2004, i’ll be staying in the village helping to reconstruct and build rice barns, plant rice crops as well as teach the village kids English & Maths! Like what baby said, sometimes you have to make sacrifices and choices in life, can’t have the best of both worlds. :/  And to learn to prioritize what I wanna do in accordance to my eventual goals.

Yet  just when I thought that Im done with making decisions like this, I got a call from another company today that Im up for a 3rd & final interview tmr. Total surprise and amusement sets in as I kinda assumed that all hope was lost as I was nursing a terrible headache on the day of the 2nd interview … plus, all candidates were required to write an outline of how they would go about planning an impressive press conference, as well as a press release so it was double-wham – both mind and soul not functioning well la. I know, I know.. same problem so no trouble right? But this is the JOB that i was interested in from the start, both the job responsibilities and the company! In any case, im going for the interview tmr. The outcome? If I dont get it, it’s okay … my life goes on with the many plans in store … If I do, tough call again. Argh. We’ll see. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns!

Finally, luck’s on my side as Mel SFF and I are selected to be a dresser for the Audi Fashion Festival once again! This time round, I’ll be assisting shows like Blue Print, Ashley Islam, Marc by Marc Jacobs and finally, the closing haute couture show Vivienne Westwood !!! Super excited as it might be my last shot at being a dresser for the fashion fest series though working hrs can be really lon;, have to put in 11hrs for one of the days. Dang!

Biggest surprise of all? Some construction workers took pity in an abandoned mutt puppy found in the industrial area and thus surrendered him over to the NPC that MK is working at. The choice was obvious – to lodge a “lost & found” case and report him over to the SPCA. However, conditions at the SPCA kennels are dreadful and in no proper state to house a barely 2mths old puppy. As such, we settled with the decision of fostering and caring for the puppy first. It was simply a case of love at first sight for MK baby! Well, it’s hard not to fall in love with a puppy but beyond that, we soon found ourselves becoming more attached to Archie ( that’s his new name! ) with each passing day.

Definitely a demanding commitment, caring for a puppy takes up the bulk of my day. I’d like to call myself a full-time nanny to Archie lol … he’s a ball of energy that requires attention almost all the time. As adorable as he might seems, he’s a closet terror … Given that he’s currently teething, it becomes inevitable that he wants to chew on everything in sight, including play biting my hands and toes. His fav games? Chasing the ball and playing tug-of-war w his chew rope toy! He even did a mean game of ‘fetch the ball’ a couple of times but most of the time, he just stalks, pounces and chases after the balls as if they were the prey. In a way, his actions of pouncing resembles that of a cat or cheetah as i like to call it and we often kid that he’s a cat soul tripped in a dog’s body lol. An advantage – it seems like he has been outdoor toilet-trained before so it makes things alot easier for us as he always pees and poops on the grass whenever we bring him out for his three-four times walk/day. Yet, a walk with him is never a walk in the park … On a good note, he loves to sprint ( yes, sprint!) occasionally so baby and I got to run along to keep up with him. An excellent way for me to keep up with my goal of exercising. Being a boy that he is, it can get quite exhausting trying to keep up to his boundless flow of energy each day, be it chasing or having to entertain/play with him. A people-oriented dog, we plan to get him to socialize with other dogs once his vaccination is completed so that he wldnt be 1 of those people-loving but anti-dogs dog. Seriously, it’s hard not to fall in love with this lil’ animal that has provided us with both a tremendous share of fun and terror!

There have been quite a no. of my friends who have asked if we intend on adopting Archie. Honestly, that question is always on the back of our minds … the bond that we fostered with Archie over the week certainly created a sense of closeness and trust. However as we all know, caring for a dog is a lifetime commitment and at this point of time, both baby and I are just starting out our careers. Therefore, time is definitely something that we both have to work on if we want to keep Archie so that he’ll grow to become a well-behaved dog. In addition, with the both of us not earning money yet, financially it can be a strain. Meanwhile, being first-time dog owners, we’ll need to rely heavily on information off the net, books, and forums so as to grasp a better understanding of how to care for a pup!



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  1. hey dear im very glad we managed to meet up today. somehow time just isn’t enuf to encapsulate all that we want to talk about. hmm. oh well i guess that’s what blogs are for 🙂 but yeah. it just goes to show that u dun haf to meet often to feel a sense of closeness! As for meeee. i’m prolly off to china seeing that tues is jus around e corner. well anyway…i suppose in life u jus haf to make choices. i mean im abit sad la cos loreal was smth i really wanted ( applied for e internship thrice ) but i guess when push came to shove, an overseas exchange was smth i really really wanted even more. so there u go.

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