So much that I would like to blog and write about, yet there’s always something that takes precede. All of which results in me feeling very shagged and exhausted at the end of a normal day. On a bad day? Headache. The result: Negligence of my blog. Being a person with many interests and a burning desire to try out a variety of stuff, I thus find myself getting a tad too overwhelmed by the handful of projects and goals that I set for myself… Inevitably, when life gets busy, it’s easy to lose focus on “myself” & the basics as a result. Interesting side-track stuff that’s been keeping me busy lately: Stuff that’s been keeping me busy lately: Basic French classes ( harder than i thought but i’ll probably be able to speak a bit of french after the course). Joined AWARE as a member (& hopfully to volunteer soon). Started testing out the job market by sending resumes to a few companies. So far, response’s been generally quite bleak :(‘   (demoralising) though I’ve 3 interviews lined up! Weekends with baby slacking at home & indulging in a movie marathon fietsa … Fast & Furious 4, Red Cliff, Twilight, Knowing, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Being a true-blue procrastinator, Im only FINALLY attempting my Library Skills Workbook now … and the only reason? All the 3 yrs of studying would mean nothing if I don’t pass this silly library skills workcourse. Now that the workbook’s done, it’s time for the final stretch – revision before the final paper and i’ll be done with school. The last chapter of my 15yrs of schooling life, oh! how time flies.

Fatigue’s setting in, ain’t gonna fight against it, a good night sleep is what I sought for right now.


Sok’s Birthday Dinner


PIT STOP with SIM gals


Flea Market at Mt. Sophia, with Shermin babe 

Flea markets, always the place to find hidden gems & treasures


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  1. you’ll be able to finish the library skills thing within 15 minutes =))

  2. no! 😦 i spent 40mins on it la… but yea, im finally (!!!) done with it 🙂 what can i say? BEST at procrastinating!

  3. omg babe we’re too much alike! things i planned this summer because i’ve no internship: a.) join aware and volunteer, something I’ve always wanted to but haven’t had time for. plus the recent controversy makes me XXXX curious! b.) i’m signing up for french classes at alliance !
    oh my god! something in common!:)

  4. hey babe! havent reply to your comment yet! anyway, yea – regarding AWARE … i signed up to be a member after my bosses did so as an effort to support the old guard. Will be heading for this coming sat’s meeting to hear what the new guard has to say to defend for themselves and the plans that aware has for the coming term.

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