The life of an intern. The past week had been extremely hectic and stressful for all of us at zcp due to the arrival of our leading star, International Jazz Sensation Laura Fygi. 3 consecutive days of photoshoot for publicity materials, television commercial filming ( TV ad for Ch5 in later part of 09) & to round it up, a press conference for the media & sponsors/partners. Exciting stuff for me as it’s my first!  Being an intern also equate to being a runner, which meant that I had to constantly run errands due to last-min changes made to the schedule. In fact, I can’t even rmr the number of times that I had to rush from destination A to B, back to A again and then off to C/D/E. For instance, heading over to A just to collect the gowns needed for the photoshoot. Buying lunch for the crew lol. D joked that I would have lost a ton of weight at the end of my internship lol. Events like these also require us to be flexible … having to wake up at 5am in ther morning to make it in time for our calltime at 6am and having to work late into the night. Long hours are inevitable. Yet running and being a PA aside, those 3 days actually taught me some of the most valuable lessons that I take from my internship. 

A  peek into the backstage production. Having to work with our hair stylist – and also, the master who does all our production wigs and headgears – Ashley (whom we all adore) , M.A.C MU artists & dancers.  Lots of waiting time in-between takes ( never a forte of mine cz I simply cant stay around for too long doing nth). To double up, once again as a dresser to steam all the outfits to ensure that they are in good condition. And only to have the dancers rmr me as the gal who steams the clothes lol. Call up a gazillion* magazine journalists regarding RSVP for our press conference. Be an artist liasion for Laura Fygi on the day of press conference to ensure that all runs smoothly for her. Even to help the hotel hsekeeping staff with housekeeping cz we had to ensure that the room was in the ideal condition for interviews. More importantly, learning to be flexible when the schedule calls for last-min changes and not to be too rigid. To have to come up with alternatives on the spot to overcome any hitch. Developing a better idea on the different means to publicise an event and its star and collating the press kits. Gotta give props to Mabel who did an excellent job as a publicist by getting AFP to do an exclusive interview with Laura which in turn, gave both zcp and the musical international coverage. Wired over to news agencies in China, Canada, LA and even Middle East! So, it’s great global exposure! Phrase 1 of publicity, according to D. Aim High.

So, what’s this musical? The Asian adaptation of Broadway musical “VICTOR/VICTORIA” . The original broadway musical cast Julie Andrews in the starring role … Well, no Andrews for us, but we have Laura Fygi. Taken from the press kit:
Armed with a passion for singing, Victoria Grant arrives in Paris to fulfil her dreams. A chance encounter with Carroll Todd convinces her to pretend to be a female impersonator. She becomes Count Victor Grezinski and is the toast of the town. Things however get complicated when a Chicago gangster, King Marchan, falls in-love with “her”. Victoria has to make the ultimate sacrifice – will she be true to her love and give up her passion or will she pursue her passion and surrender true love? “

At the zoo where Laura officially named the latest addition to the Malayan tapir family,  “Victoria”. How apt.


The reviews have called it the place that offers “No Frills Fine Dining”. Basil Alcove, a tiny corner cafe that is synonmous with mouth-watering fine-dining food and cheap prices. Situated along the roadside, Basil Alcove manages to create a rather romantic al-fresco ambiance by placing candles & flowers on the table.  Being avid seafood lovers, MK baby & I started our dinner with half a dozen of mussels. Unfortunately, the dish of mussels disappointed us big time as they weren’t fresh and were thus, tough to chew on. For mains, MK had Chicken in peaches & herbs whereas I opted for shrimp pasta with orange sauce. To start off, my pasta dinner was really value-for-money. Costing at the usual $12+ , it came with a generous serving of at least 8 pieces of succulent prawns 🙂  Taste-wise, nothing spectacular but the orange tangy sauce offers a refreshing taste. However, nothing beats the “Chicken in Peaches & Herbs” main dish – Juicy and delicious, this unique combi with its rich flavours just kept me wanting for more. Overall, the dining experience was alright … didn’t exactly meet my expectations ( dishes are no longer as cheap as claimed ) but it’s a diner that I would patronise again ( just for the chicken in peaches or when Im feeling poor but want a haute cuisine meal lol) .

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre


Biotherm White D-TOX Workshop

Saturday was kinda a mad rush for us. Our itinerary was as follows: Biotherm event, CentrePoint -> Facial ( courtesy of luv-a-thon) at Beauty Affairs, Bugis -> Orchard again. Once again, much thanks to CC for selecting me for this beauty session. An informative session, the trainer definitely gave me a better idea on how a MU Base functions; for instance, the different shades that we can use to enhance the various parts of our skin & how it’s able to help us achieve a flawless complexion. Best part? That goes without saying – the door gift! Sample-sized products such as the White D-Tox gel and Pore Reducer which certainly come in handy! To top it off, a Biotherm keychain that can also act as a mobile accessory or handbag charm.


Passion by the Beach event

If you were to read my entry a year ago, you will realise that MK & I attempted to attend this animals’ event a year back. Only then, we didnt as we were at the other end of ECP … plus, it was storming heavily. This time round, we succeeded though there was no escaping from yet another heavy downpour ( what luck, 2 consecutive times in a row). Saw a wide variety of dogs, most of which are very common amongst Sg dog owners – Shih Tzu, Maltese, MS ( Loisa! ), Chihuahua, Pom, GR … And the star attraction of the day? The Great Dane ( the world’s biggest dog breed). Refer to the pic of the black GD below. It might not look as gigantic in the pic but Im certain that it will tower me if it were on stand on its 2 hind feet. Was so tempted to place the puppy chihuahua ( so tiny that it can probably fit into bowl)  right beside the Great Dane – a comparison of the biggest and smallest dog breeds! Never exactly a cat person, but I fell in love with the beautiful & cuddly ragdoll that held so closely to me that its paws got tangled in my top. Visiting animals’ events like this never fails to get MK & I on the topic of getting a dog together soon. Alas, it’ll remain just a dream for we’re both too busy & selfish to commit to such a heavy responsibility for now. Driving license 1st.


I’ve been so busy lately that it slipped off my mind to post this – Happy Belated 1 Year, 3 months baby!



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    good to see you’ve been fulfilling your time busily. i’ve been really busy trying to finish deadlines and going for interviews for internships 😦
    can’t wait to see u after exams. u’re missed!

  2. hey dear! I know… u hardly update your blog too. My guess is that u must be real busy with school, tuition and stuff too. And preparation for your china trip! gosh, i miss travelling again. good luck for your exams. concentrate.!

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