.over the weeks.

 It’s been wonderful having to meet up with various friends over the couple of weeks … to trade stories about our different paths in life and past experiences thus far. The many topics of life that we talked, laughed, bitched, discussed about that make this thing called life interesting. I’ve always wonder if some of my closest gfs would be pals that I would remain close to in decades to come … Frankly, I’ve come to accept that many people come and go in life but whatever it is, each of whom had/has certainly made an impact on my life. Some of whom are suckers for horrible memories, some of whom are neutral and the rest whom I swear definitely liven my life with their presence. Addicted to them, that’s what I become. 

Ministry of Food with Claire, Sok, Soy
8 years of friendship & counting … 




Out with Camy
where we laughed over the cliche-ness of “He’s Just Not that Into You”   






Sushi Tei with SIM pals
It’s been awhile since our last hangout together, let’s hope the next one wldn’t take ages again! 


Timbre with Shermin & Soy Hoon
Drinks, Pizza, Live music & great company, Life’s good!

Thai Accent with Nicole
Let the good times roll. The exchange of snippets of life.

A ball of fun over the weekend. A race to the finishing line, an adventure that we embarked on together. A flight over-seeing the glittering lights of Singapore city skyline, with “a toast to all good things in life”. 

Luv-A-Thon 2009

Being avid fans of The Amazing Race, it’s without a doubt that it’s been a dream of both MK & me to embark on the competitive adventure of participating in a race together. Since TAR is obviously out for us ( neither of us have a driving license yet. sth which ive been procrastinating for the past 3yrs!), we thus opted for the “Luv-A-Thon” race jointly organised by Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre. A much simpler and easier version of TAR ( duh.), the race aims to provide couples the opportunity to find out about the ways that both partners can complement each other.

The 7 pit stops ( at various locations in the vinicity) are as follows:

Loosen up my buttons“, where we had to use a pair of chopsticks to un-button at least 3 buttons from a top. Piece of cake, thanks to MK’s instructions.

Wedding Scramble“. Our task was to solve 20 words ( all relating to wedding), in which all letters are jumbled and mixed up.

Cupid Love“. Dang, this really called for a photo opportunity but being in a race, getting to the finish line was top priority and so in the midst of all chaos, we didnt get to take a pic. Anyway, so MK was dressed up as a cupid’s love angel ( imagine a guy like him in a halo & wings) and as part of his responsibility, he had to share his “love” by giving out hearts to members of the public.

A detour between food-tasting at “Sizzling Rock” or take a ride on the “Duck Tour”. As mentioned before, both of us love food! and so, we chose the food-tasting session without any hesitation. Nah, for those who are expecting gross, disgusting food like what they serve in TAR or FF, they would be truly disappointed. Basically, we had to make a guess of the type of food that we were served to while being blind-folded. Unfortunately, im really horrible at differientiating the various types of vegetables. Thank god that MK answered first and therefore, I trusted him and followed suit.

Street Bingo“. Perhaps the ‘most’ challenging of all the pit stops as we had to complete a range of tasks in order to finish 2 bingo. Some of the tasks include having to find someone who can name 5 European countries, or who can sing an advertisement jingle, name 5 tourist spots in Singapore, etc … In any case, we definitely have to approach strangers to help us in the quest of completing this station. Luckily for us, all the pple whom we approached have been nothing but really helpful. 5 down, 2 more to go before the final stretch.

Find My Name“. To match the names of the restaurants, clubs & bars to the unit nos as listed on a sheet of paper. We admit though that we took the easier way out by making our way to the directory board.  there’s a reason why the directory board exists. 🙂

Bind Us Together“. Reminded us of days back in Pri Sch where we took part in 3-legged competitions. Likewise, we had to climb up 3 flights of stairs with 2 of our legs binded together.

Being very competitive in nature, we jogged for quite abit in-between each pit stop to ensure that there wldn’t be much time lost. Time = money, afterall. In the end, we made it in time to be the first 3 couples to be back at the final pit stop. It’s crucial that teams get back as quickly as they could as a point was given/minute between the time that they reached the final stop and at 6pm (when the race officially ended). In the end, it was a tie-breaker between another couple & us for the 1st stop. Thus, the final test was a questionnaire ( which all 4 have to answer) on how much we know about our respective partner. Hmm, always the tricky test for couples aint it? Lo & behold, it came to a surprise to the both of us when the host announced that we are the winning team !!! Seems like telepathy works for us, baby love.  ♥   Prizes for the top spot: 1) A romantic, champagne flight onboard the Singapore Flyer, 2) Facial for 2 at Beauty Affairs, 3) $90 worth of voucher for dining at Sizzling Rock & 4) A Pierre Cardin briefcase ( for MK).


Champagne Flight on the Singapore Flyer
A splendid night of savouring Moët & Chandon champagne with a platter of strawberries & pralines & having our very own service host … all high above the lights of the Singapore cityscape. A world of our own, just a moment away from the hustle of being back in reality. Courtesy of Luv-A-Thon  🙂 


A Walk in the Forest 

Not wanting to feel that i spent the better part of my adulthood procrastinating the importance of fitness, I thus decided to be more commited to that particular goal of mine to exercise regularly. With baby’s company, I decided to take baby steps and walk for long distances first. Looking back, I rmr how i used to love running back in JC – the adrenaline rush and sense of satisfaction that i get during & after a run is incredible. Alas, my stamina aint as good as before ( im still lazy too) and so, it’s gonna be awhile before i start jogging again. One day, just one day… Instead, we spent a lovely sunny afternoon at MacRitchie Reservoir walking for an estimated 18km. Walked off-the-beaten tracks and showed baby the tombstone that is hidden in the midst of the trees. Highlight of the trip was supposed to be the HSBC Treetop Walk that’s so hyped about. Unfortunately, the treetop trail pales in comparison to what I have in mind ( esp since nth can beat the experience of walking in the cold, way over the trees at Letchworth State Park, USA). However, it’s still probably worth a visit for those who are interested to have an aerial view of the canopy of trees.

I can’t help but to feel a tad useless as middle-aged pple jogged past me during the walk. They’re running & jogging while I was ( sad to say) just walking. Hopfully, the walk on sat marks a new fitness beginning for me ( im seriously prone to not following my schedule when it comes to exercise). The way I see it, I should paste pics of hot bods on my wall to motivate me lol. Anyone has any suggestions to get one’s arse up and start on an exercise regime?!


Father-Daughters ( extra: boyfriends) Saturday Night Out !

A father-daughters moment for us, something which we havent done before ( or at least in the recent years). Platter for 6 which consist of helluva german sausages. Thick & juicy, just like the way we love it.  😛  what can I say? FANTASTICALLY MOUTH-WATERING. Warning: but seriously, too many sausages can be an overload.




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